Twitter, Elon Musk and the dismissal of 50% of its employees in the world

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About 50% of the employees of Twitter in the world were fired. The social network announced this harsh restructuring on Friday after the purchase by the billionaire was finalized Elon Musk, In the past week. It would be about least about 7,500 workers around the globe

The firm’s employees had been called to stay home this Friday awaiting the round of dismissals with immediate effect, which were announced via email. Managers and marketing and design departments seem particularly hard hit.

According to the AFP agencysome employees of Twitter filed a class action lawsuit against the company for not receiving the 60-day notice required by United States law for mass layoffs.

But what did Elon Musk respond after firings on Twitter?

Twitter, Elon Musk and the firing of 50% of their employees. Photos: Reuters

In his first message about the theme, 24 hours later of the first email sent by the company to its employees, Elon Musk justified that “there is no other option when companies lose more than 4 million dollars per day”. He also pointed out that 3 months of compensation were offered, much more than what is required by law.

Former employees fear that the new management will try to find ways to avoid paying severance payments, justifying professional misconduct. Following the address changes, More than a million users appear to have left the platform since last Thursday, according to estimates from the Bot Sentinel consultant.

After the purchase, Musk quickly dissolved the board of directors. He also fired his CEO and top managers. He also brought developers from Tesla, another of his companies, to supervise the work of Twitter employees.

  • Hours later the businessman would ratify the controversial payment of 8 dollars on Twitter

The tycoon’s plan, according to his own messages, is to charge for being a verified user a fee of 8 dollars a month as part of the Twitter subscription service.

And how did the employees of Twitter Mexico go?

During the day former employees of Twitter Mexico wrote messages where they assured that they no longer belonged to the social network, which was replicated in various parts of the world, confirming what the agency AFP reported on mass layoffs in several countries. However, for the moment, the platform’s office in the country has not set an official position on these dismissals.

the hashtag Twitter Mexico became a trend since the morning this Friday to talk about the layoffs made by the famous social network. In the United States, employees threaten class action lawsuits if they are not compensated.

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