Twitter asks some of the employees fired by Elon Musk to please return to the company, according to Bloomberg

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After the mass layoffs ordered by Elon Musk, who they even reached Mexiconow Twitter has contacted dozens of employees who lost their jobs to ask them to please return to the company, reports Bloomberg.

According to information from Bloombergsome of the employees who were asked to return to the company, They got fired “by mistake”according to a couple of people with knowledge of the situation.

Other employees, the report continues, were fired before higher-ups realized their work and experience might be needed to develop the new features Musk envisioned.

After Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter was completed last October 27his first move was to cut costs with the fired almost half of the employees. There were almost 3,700 employees fired via email last week, however, as Bloomberg points out, the request for some employees to return shows that the process was very rushed and chaotic.

After the mass layoffs, some former employees decided to join and sue Elon Musk.

There are about 3,700 employees left at Twitter, according to sources. Bloomberg, and Musk is pushing for new features to be developed quickly. This has led to some employees even have to sleep in the offices to meet the accelerated delivery times that the new owner of the social network demands.

During the weekend new $8 Blue subscription appeared for Twitter for iOS users. However, it was soon confirmed that the company tests “in real time” and that actually the new subscription is not available yet. New York Times reports that he new Twitter Blue with check mark it will be available until after the midterm elections next Tuesday.

As a result of these seemingly unplanned moves, a exodus of users to platforms like Mastodon.

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