Trump: US Congress publishes its tax returns during the presidential term

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Trump: US Congress publishes its tax returns during the presidential term
Trump sought by all means to keep his finances private. Photo: Reuters

After a lengthy legal battle with donald trumpa commission of United States Congress posted this friday five years of former president’s tax returns, who would seek to return to the White House in 2024. In addition, the lower house determined that the tax agency did not fulfill its functions.

Likewise, the dissemination of the documentation that the employer sent to the Internal Tax Service (IRSfor its acronym in English) occurs after the US Supreme Court ruling last Novemberas well as three years of legal resources with which Trump he sought to keep his finances private.

And it is that, among other accusations, it stands out that the former president is the only one since the 1970s who refused to make his tax returns public, after their predecessors had donethus generating various doubts regarding its content.

In the presidential campaign Trump boasted his fortune. Photo: Screenshot

Why did they publish Trump’s statements?

Among the files made public this December 30, the statements of most of his term as president of the United States, from 2017 to 2021, stand out, while it occurs after the mid-December Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives voted to release the Republican billionaire’s tax returns between 2015 and 2020.

This, after three years ago this group of legislators had demanded the documents sent by Trump to the Treasury in that period, to which the former president refused. Finally, the Supreme Court ruled in his favor at the end of November.

Trump, 76, strongly denounced this decision in a statement in writing that he sent on Friday to CBS.

“’Trump’ tax returns show once again how proudly successful I have been and how I have been able to use depreciation and other tax deductions as an incentive to create thousands of jobs and magnificent structures and businesses”

donald trump

While the publication represents a new setback for the former tenant of the White House, who is already the subject of endless investigations into the management of its filesas well as about his financial affairs in NY.

Trump’s lack of transparency, who made his wealth a campaign argument, has fueled for years speculation about the extent of his assets or his possible conflicts of interest.

His family business, the Trump Organization, was sentenced in early December for financial and tax fraud after a trial held in New York in which the former Republican president was not prosecuted.

While, also of the IRS investigation, which was aimed solely at Trump, which sought to find out how the agency ensured that the president complied with tax laws, its members stressed that the tax agency did not do what it was supposed to do during most of Trump’s tenure.

“This is a major failure of the US tax authorities”declared the head of the commission, Democrat Richard Neal.

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