Trump and the American breakup

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the former president Donald Trump appeared yesterday before New York State Attorney General Letitia James, who is investigating possible illegal business practices by him and his family, such as overstating the values ​​of his assets to obtain favorable loans and understating them to obtain tax breaks. In a statement, the tycoon stated that he refused to answer the questions of the prosecution by virtue of the rights and privileges that the Constitution of the United States grants to every citizenagain described the investigations as the greatest witch hunt in history of his country, and even considered that investigating his alleged criminal conduct turns the nation into a banana republic.

With the same rhetoric, he reviled the search carried out on Monday by the FBI at his mansion in the exclusive area of ​​Palm Beach, Florida: for the former television presenter, such an assault only happens in broken third world countriesand was motivated by the efforts of radical left democrats to derail his claim to return to power in 2025. It is pertinent to note that the current director of that agency, Christopher Wray, was appointed by Trump himself. The Department of Justice (to which the FBI is attached) has not reported the reason for the raid, but various media have reported that it is related to the search for official documents, some of them classified, that Trump took with him at the end of his presidency in January 2021. For months, the authorities negotiated for the former president to return 15 boxes with materials that he had to deliver to the national archives, but it is presumed that he withheld some documents.

The search of Trump’s luxurious golf club, known as Mar-a-Lago, sparked furious reactions from the tycoon himself, his supporters and co-religionists. In social networks there were Trumpist fanatics who called to take up arms, described this and other judicial investigations as causes of civil war and ignored the institutions. Alarmingly, such views were echoed by Republican members of the political establishment, with figures as prominent as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy making direct threats to Attorney General Merrick Garland. Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake stated that this illegitimate and corrupt regime hates America and has turned the entire federal government into a weapon to destroy Donald Trumpwhich incidentally echoed the discredited allegations of electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential elections.

The assault on Capitol Hill last year, with which an attempt was made to frustrate the naming ceremony of Joe Biden as president-elect, is a good example that at least some of the most ardent Trump supporters are not kidding when they talk about resorting to violence to support to their leader. If we add to this the presence of politicians willing to ignore the law in their adherence to Trump, the depth of the rupture that is going through American society can be seen, a crack of which the businessman is not the cause, but rather the symptom, and for which there is no solution in sight.