“Transforming my mother into me”: a new viral challenge on TikTok

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Meet the viral challenge “Transforming my mother into me”! | Photo: Twitter and TikTok

the platform of TikTok was filled with young people sharing videos of their mothers dressed in their clothes and accessories, as part of the challenge “Turning my mother into me“, which consists of seeing their moms in the same style as the girls to see how similar or different they are from each other.

What is the challenge “Transforming my mother into me” about?

The women who were part of the challenge “Turning my mother into me” shared a before and after of themselves in an outfit they usually wouldn’t wear, but users were shocked to see the rejuvenation and the empathy that this “experiment” can cause.

This trend of TikTok consists of seeing the mother entering a room, so that then he leaves and there is a cut in which he enters again, but with his daughter’s clothes and makeup. The changes are radical and surprising, to begin with, because they agreed to put themselves in the shoes of the young women.

Among other things, the challenge “Turning my mother into me“It helped several users to question the stereotypes and supposed dogmas in fashion, assuring that clothes have no age and that women should be able to dress”even more youthful” if they wish.

“The way women age today is very different from the way they were expected to age 100 years ago. One wonders what will be the expectations of society when we reach maturity ”, they reflected in an article in the American media evie.

An activity between mother and daughter; would you try?

A common prejudice of certain mothers towards their daughters has to do with the digital platforms and tools they use, arguing that they are dangerous or superficial. The challenge “Turning my mother into me” unites the two generations in an activity that entails quality time.

In this challenge, your daughters not only live with their momsbut they even lend them their clothes and enjoy the final result with laughter, while the older women are also surprised to see themselves in the mirror as if they were a completely different person.

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