Transfer content from PC to iPhone is very easy with these methods

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A few years ago, when Internet connections were not today’s panacea, many were the users who connected their smartphone to the computer to copy all types of content, from music to videos, through photographs and, in general, any type of file that they may need to always have at hand. iTunes is the traditional method for copying content to an iPhone, however, it is not the best or only option.

Apple has always neglected this application a lot in its version for Windows, an application that currently makes little sense to install and has all the fear that, over time, it will end up disappearing as it has happened in macOS. Fortunately, using iTunes not the only method to be able to copy files to the iPhone since we have other more valid and faster methods at our disposal.


In order to use an iPhone, you need to create an Apple account through This account puts 5 GB of storage space at our disposal, more than enough space to be able to carry any type of content from a PC to the iPhone or iPad using Apple’s cloud storage platform. To upload to iCloud we can use the iCloud application available in the Microsoft Store or use a browser through, clicking on iCloud Drive and dragging the file.

Next, we open the application Records from our iPhone and download the file to the device. This file will be stored within the Files application unless we copy it to the Photos application as long as it is content in image or video format.


Another method that we have at our disposal to copy content to the iPhone without using iTunes is with the iFunbox application. iFunbox is a completely free application that allows us to copy any type of content to our iPhone and that it is stored directly in the corresponding application. That is, we can copy books to be stored in the videos application, music in the Music application, photos and videos in the Photos application, among others.


iFunbox works as if it were a file explorer. First of all, once we have opened the application and connected the iPhone, we must select where we want to copy the content. Next, we just have to drag it from its location on our computer. If the format is not supported by iOS, the app will take care of convert it automatically. We can download iFunbox through its page Web.


iExplorer is another of the applications with which we can quickly and easily copy files from a PC to an iPhone no need to use itunes. This application has an interface and operation similar to iFunBox, where, first of all, we must select the type of content that we want to copy to the device. It is also in charge of converting the files if the file format to be copied is not compatible with iOS.


Can to download and try this application completely free of charge, although with limitations. If we want to remove the limitations, we must go through the box and buy the corresponding license, a license that is priced at $39.

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