“Toxic” company trolls users with this Excel campaign

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  • Advertising spending this 2022 for mobile Internet was 72 thousand 440 million dollars.

  • It is expected that by 2024, global advertising spending will be 865.12 billion dollars.

  • Brands are increasingly launching campaigns on social networks, choosing to go viral to reach their audience.

Labor competition is becoming more extensive, where the characteristics that companies look for in an employee go hand in hand with all the skills that they manage. All this was demonstrated by a viral campaign carried out by a company classified by Internet users as “toxic” for trolling its users by promoting its Excel courses.

With the large amount of viral content being recorded on the social networks, brands are increasingly aware that they have to make eye-catching content to attract people to their channels and even sell them their products and services.

Given this, advertising campaigns are more striking and provide a unique experience, so advertising spending in 2022 for the mobile Internet, according to him report published by Zenith Mediaincreased by approximately 72 thousand 440 million dollars.

With that rise in the digital world, ad spend for newspapers fell by nearly of 1.7 billion dollars in said period.

Troll users with this Excel campaign

A viral video of what seems at first glance workplace violence has gone viral on social networks, where a company allegedly scratched the car of a new employee for lying on his CV saying he knew how to use Excel, but it was all a joke.

The recording, which has gone viral on both TikTok and Instagram, is an ingenious campaign that the company Chamber of Foreign Commerce in Peru launched with the sole purpose of promoting their Excel courses.

In the recording, you can see a white truck that appears rolling through the streets of the city of Peru, but what is striking are the messages that are read, with angry words to accuse the new employee for the lack of experience in office parcels.

“Coward, you didn’t know Excel! You like to cheat, you ruined the project”, says one of the texts on the white car.

@camaracomercioexterior EXCELLENT revenge 😳 #excel #online courses #excelprofessional #certify yourself ♬ original sound – Feel the music

According to the video, the man He ruined a project because he said he knows how to use Excel perfectly, however, it was all a lie, for which they decided to scratch his vehicle and although he tried to go unnoticed on the street, the truth is that now it went viral.

@camaracomercioexterior If only I had studied Excel…😂 Better certify yourself in professional Excel with us✨ Link in BIO📲 #excel #online courses #excelprofessional ♬ Thanks for using my audio and phrase guys – ☠︎︎꧁✞︎Bando._.Girl✞︎꧂☠︎︎

The first recording, which went viral on the Chinese platform, caught the attention of netizens who thought the situation was real, but the company, which is dedicated to courses, later shared several publications where it explained that it was all about a creative campaign to sell its courses.

@camaracomercioexterior This was our creative process✨ #marketing #digital marketing #creative process #online courses #certify yourself #creativity ♬ Ill Publicity – DJ BAI

Without a doubt, the campaign was a complete success in the digital media, registering comments such as “Give him a raise marketing“.

“Nothing else is missing the name of the institute that gives the course to finish the commercial well,” reads another comment.

“Marketing deserves not only a raise but also Contributor of the Decade,” wrote another netizen.

It is not the first time that a brand goes viral for trolling people, as many brands are opting for this type of content to promote its name, as an example currently Doritos, which launched a challenge for the preparations of the advertising that it will show in the Super Bowl.

Definitely, social networks play a key role in all industries, where brands that are not in this environment are not very successful with new consumers.

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