Tower of Fantasy: 5 tips for beginners

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Tower of Fantasy it’s a MMO that has just arrived for mobile devices and PCs, ready to immerse us in a futuristic planet full of dangers. We are talking about a broad title that promises many hours of gameplay, however, we may not know where to start. Therefore, in the following guide, we leave you 5 tips for beginners with the aim that you can take advantage of the first hours in a satisfactory way.

Tower of Fantasy Guide: 5 Tips for Beginners

1.Don’t spend on gacha

It is very tempting to play only a few hours and want to use the gachapon whenever we can. After all, it’s normal, we hardly have anything yet. However, the first bars of the game do not require us to have the best team or characters, therefore, it is better to save the rolls for when we are clear about the entire scheme.

2.Take all the resources you see

Throughout the world, we will find different resources or ingredients. These are used to improve objects or create prescriptions. It is not uncommon that at a certain point, we need one in particular that we have seen a thousand times, but we have not taken. For this reason, it is advisable to take everything, although we still do not know what it works for.

tower of fantasy guide

3.The combat system

The combat system of Tower of Fantasy is not particularly complex, but if you haven’t played games like Genshin Impact first, it can overwhelm you. For this reason, it is important that you attend the first tutorials, that you fight against the enemies that you encounter and, ultimately, that you acclimate yourself to this new way of fighting to the synergies that are generated.

Tower of Fantasy Tips

4.Explore the world

Aida is a planet full of secrets, chests, collectibles, resources and risks. It is interesting to explore the first zone, because in this the basic concepts that we will later find throughout the rest of the world are usually concentrated. Thus, it is an ideal area to know what lies ahead.

Tower of Fantasy Tips

5.Save the rewards

When a game of this type is released or when we have just arrived, it is not uncommon for players to be treated to many rewards on the occasion of celebration. Well, they are very useful. Rarely will we get so many prizes so quickly. Until you know what they work for, it is better to keep them in reserve in your backpack.

tower of fantasy guide