Tortilla or bolillo, which is better for health?, according to UNAM expert

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The tortilla and the roll are some of the companions that mexican families they usually have on the table for the food, and are commonly consumed. That is why Mariana Isabel Valdes Morenohead of the Nutriology career at the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Zaragoza of the UNAMExplain which one is better for health.

Tortilla or bolillo? This is what the UNAM expert says

In interview with UnoTV.comteacher Mariana Valdes explained that the healthier alternative between tortilla and the roll also depends on the portionsas well as the type that is consumed, considering the existence of tortillas flour and of cornas well as the options wholemeal bread; however, in caloric terms, the tortilla is the best option.

“A corn tortilla, on average, compared to a full bolillo, also considering a regular portion… has half the calories, more or less, than a bolillo”

Prof. Mariana Valdes Moreno, UNAM

In this sense, the tortilla is a considerably more option healthy that he roll to use as a companion both in breakfast, food Y Dinner; considering that this alternative has more added benefits in nutrition.

What are the benefits of tortilla compared to bread?

According to the head of the Nutriology career at the FES Zaragoza de la UNAMthe tortillas not only are they lower in calories than bolillos average, but has the following benefits in comparison:

  • contain calcium
  • They have more fiber in relation to the common bolillo
  • They have water-soluble vitamins such as niacin (B3)
  • Increased availability of iron

In this sense, the roll traditional diet has empty calories, “that is, it gives us energy and kilocalories like tortillasbut without a added nutritional valueconsidering that he is not rich in vitamins, minerals either fiberas if it is the case of products derived from corn.

Should we stop consuming bolillo?

Teacher Mariana Isabel Valdes Moreno also points out that food is a complex phenomenon that not only depends on the nutritional factors, but also recognizes the viability of one food or another depending on what is being consumed, in addition to tastes; however, it is not necessary to eliminate the consumption of roll for its nutritional factor.

  • When choosing a companion for food, factors such as the costthe pleasures and the nature of saucer that is being consumed.

“What can be salvaged from rollor white bread, are some varieties that have emerged that are integralFor example, a way for this food to have the added value of the fiber“, says the nutritionist, also pointing out that tastes, beliefs and ideologies are also part of the choice between a food and other.

“Something that is very important is the part of tastes and food culture, since therein lies the fact that a food is not villainized (…) it has to do with tastes and economic possibilities, as well as the environment. You can’t rate whether it’s better or worse.”

Prof. Mariana Valdes Moreno, UNAM

In both foods, the key is to take care of the amounts

It should be noted that both the tortilla As the roll they contain carbohydrates and they are a very immediate source of energy, so it is ideally recommended to consume them before having an activity in which said energy is used. “They can be eaten at any time, what should be taken care of is the quantity,” he says.

Finally, the specialist UNAM reiterates that “in nutritional terms“, the tortilla is a better option than the bolillo, but there are multiple factors to prefer the consumption of one or the other option, without demonizing or completely eliminating any of these foods.

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