Top 3 things to know from Day 10 of 2022 Bills Training Camp

3. Practice intensity trending upwards

Since the full pads went on, there have been a few scuffles throughout practices. While fighting is never stimulated, head coach Sean McDermott said he would rather dial it down than feel like he needs to ramp up the practice intensity. Good thing there has been no lack of juice in the last few practices.

Josh Allen said he brings that type of energy to practice because it helps the team focus on the task at hand.

“We’ve got to find ways to put our focus back into what we’re doing and focus on the here and now,” Allen shared. “Sometimes it’s necessary. Good teams sometimes fight. Guys want it so bad. Guys are very competitive, guys push each other.

“So, you saw a little tempers flare up again today. And again, that’s all because we want to win. We want to work really hard. We want to beat the guys across from us. And it doesn’t matter who it is. But it’s good to see the intensity right now coming out from both sides of the football and the whole team because, again, we just want to win football games.”

Linebacker Von Miller believes it’s a good sign that some practices have been chippy and thinks that intensity starts with the leadership of his quarterback.

“It’s just part of the brotherhood when it comes to football,” Miller explained. “There’s gonna be some high tempered times, and I’ve seen it with all the teams that I’ve been on. It doesn’t matter if it’s training camp, it could be the eighth week of the season, it could be anytime You’re around these guys every single day, you compete at a at a high level every single day, and it just happens sometimes.”

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