Tomateros fires manager Benji Gil at noon and reinstates him at night

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Benjamín Gil, who two weeks ago was appointed manager of Mexico for the 2023 World Baseball Classic, lost his position as strategist for the Tomateros de Culiacán at noon on Tuesday, but he recovered it at night when the players asked the board for their Return.

“The Tomateros de Culiacán Baseball Club announces that after making an analysis of the current situation of the team, it has made the decision to end the employment relationship with Benjamín Gil,” the organization announced through a press release sent by the organization to the media through twitter.

“At the same time, we announce the arrival at the helm of Francisco Campos Machado, who will take command of the team from this day on at the start of the series against Algodoneros de Guasave, which will take place in this city,” they added in the notice.

However, they cited a press conference at the Guinda Nation Stadium before the game, in which Campos was supposed to be announced as helmsman, but it was he himself -with manager Mario Valdez at his side- who announced that Gil was back to direct at the request of the players.

“Upon arriving at the stadium, the boys (players) approach me and tell me that it’s nothing against me, that I shouldn’t take it in that part, but they wanted to talk to Benjamín, to let him know that they want him to return,” Campos said. , who remained as bullpen coach.

“(The players) asked for an opportunity to show that they can make a difference and that they can make the positive results to obtain the victories, they wanted Benjamin to return, Mr. Héctor (Ley, executive president) said that they should talk to him and if he I accepted, go ahead,” Campos said.

The Culiacán board of directors had made the decision after the Tomateros lost their series as visitors to the Naranjeros de Hermosillo, a team that has won the three series they have held in the LMP Classic this season with a record of 8 -1.

In addition to Gil, the club had also removed Noé Muñoz, bench coach, from its coaching staff, who also returned to his position at night.

On Tuesday night, Tomateros sent another press release stating that the squad of players after the dismissal of Gil and Muñoz, “held a meeting with the managers, where they took responsibility for the results, knowing that they are the architects of these, Coming to the commitment that both the board of directors and the fans will see a better team from today, but above all committed”.

“For this reason, and after listening to their players, the board accepts the
commitment and disposition of the same, so from this moment,
Benjamín Gil and Noé Muñoz resume their position in the coaching staff,” the team reported at night.

“Every decision made is previously analyzed with the firm commitment to reach the goal that is the championship.”

Gil, first base coach for the Los Angeles Angels in 2022 in the Major Leagues, is in his seventh season at the helm of the Tomateros, leading the team to four championships in his first five seasons between 2014-2015 and 2020-2021 — he did not manage in 2016-2017 and 2018-2019 and did not advance to the playoffs in 2015-2016.

Last season Gil led the Tomateros to the fifth Final Series, but lost it in seven games against the Charros de Jalisco.

This season, the Tomateros finished in the basement in the first round with a 14-21 mark to add just 3.5 points, and began the second round with a 2-4 mark, to be in the penultimate place only above Charros, with whom up until Tuesday’s games they share the worst record in the league at 16-25.

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