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karla: here we are allworld.Karla: fine. they can if they arestarting a routine, they canexperience those painsmuscles and today you are a doctorjoint pain, pain inshoulders, knees, andare trying to dohow right that is basicallystart to doexercises, but if they don’tin one wayappropriate, they are going to startfeel those painsor let it get worsethey had. thenif you haven’t been in a long timeexercised andyou’re out of shape, one ofthe things thatyou should do is decrease theintensity of yourtraining in 20% for thefirst two or three weeksweeks, we are going to decrease a20% that intensityso that you can enterheat.lose weight and doless forwarding is. forexample there here we havethese dumbbellsit doesn’t weigh much. butimagine that these are 20pounds. you go to the gym.makes 20 pounds.instead ofuse these, use useare. and we do it for aperiod of two or the judge of ómo goesfeeling. the other thing that cando is use theseexercise type bandsthey are alsolessharmful, which makes less forcein the joints. Yeahwe are talking about exercisesarms, you can do this. Ythis has resistance, but it iseasier to do than love forexample, with the weights or thedumbbells it’s a matter ofmake some changes to gogetting warmhey, rest between thesets. they don’t want to go to thatfirst week and follow a set,other set, then it will give youmore painbe realistic with yourexpectations. if you went up20 pounds in the last 20years, not theI want to go down fast because I knowgoing to injureKarla: and that happens to john: for peoplewho are exercisingcurrent cardiovascularplease, they start running. Yeahyou’re going to do that firstweek, do itand the other day he rests. for thelessone or two daysin the middleto rest so that nothave your such a strong effortin your joints and in yourusculi the other thing is that if you goto door do you want to exercisewhole body, doexercises that are with youown weight. the lizards,for example. you can do thesquare logoWith your body. don’t try isfrom the beginning as I havesince there are people no nono, let’s doand they put all the weight of theworld.holy remedy, look, beforethatdo not do daily practicescardiovascular .makestretching exercisesbefore and after avoidroutines that you are jumpingbecause its impact on thejoints.karla: especially to certainage.he has back pain, for himmuscle pain magnesiumit is a holy remedy. for painand the inflammationgenerally can use ie lo. butfrom the pointof natural view, we have ahealthy package calledsay goodbye to inflammation.has urcuma,you can use it every day.magnesium andthat healthy package tell himgoodbye to inflammation andremedy.comor by calling 18557363346.a combination of meaningcoún,gradually enter theroutine, do not throw yourself on the chest,as we say.and you can help with thatholy remedy so they canstart with those exercises andthey can continue in the2023 because many people startalready 2023 because many peoplestart the week it hurts

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