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How to shield the chip of my cell phone? Photo: Getty Images.

The cell phone theft It is one of the most common crimes in Mexico. Data from the National Survey on Victimization and Perception of Public Security, carried out by the INEGIreveal that during 2021, 6 million robberies or assaults were committed in the country on the street or on public transport.

How to shield the chip of my cell phone?

One of the most recurrent actions of the criminals when a cell phone is stolen remove the chip and insert it into another device to have immediate access to the telephone line and other applications.

In addition to the passwords with which they can be protected banking appsof social networksamong others, there is a way, little known, to, in the same way, shield the cell phone chip with a password.

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The Step by Step to put a password on the chip:

  • In you iPhone Go to “Settings” in the search engine type SIM.
  • Under “Cellular data”, select SIM PIN and turn it on.
  • The next step is to key in the SIM PIN, which can be found on the card that they give you when you buy one or the one that the original of the device came in.

Note: If you no longer have the card from which you removed the chip, you can contact the company with which you are registered.

  • Once you typed in the PIN, the option to “blocking” and will allow you to change the PIN, choose a new one.
  • Every time you take out the chip to enter it into a New mobile the password you entered will be requested.

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on smartphones

  • Go to device settings.
  • Type in the SIM finder and go to “SIM card lock”.
  • go to SIM card lock (Your phone number will appear below) and activate the blocking option; Type in the PIN of the card the SIM came on.
  • Once this step is done, the option “change SIM card PIN” will be activated.

Of the figures referred to, in 67% of the cases, what was stolen was money, credit cards or checks, while in 57.4% of the cases were phones cell phones.

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With these figures, it becomes necessary to take security measures around cell phones, which, according to figures from the National Survey on Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households 2020, have around 88.2 million people in Mexico.

In addition to the classic passwords, facial recognition and the fingerprints, there is an option to protect the information contained in smartphones and iPhones that has to do with the chipwhich can be shield.

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