Tigres de la UANL, the team with a millionaire squad even though its facilities are deplorable

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The UANL Tigres Stadium went viral on social networks thanks to the state of its facilities (Photo: Twitter/ @Eduaardor13)

The UANL Tigers They have thrown the house out the window at the beginning of the Closing 2023. The reinforcements in the squad came at the cost of big bills; Diego Laínez Y Nicholas Ibanez have added muscle to the feline wardrobe, without leaving behind the incorporation of Diego Cocca in front of the college students as technical director of the team and the subsequent signing of Fernando Gorriaran. All of the above is ironic, since apparently the investments do not arrive on the subject of infrastructure in his stadium.

According to david faitelsonsports journalist, Lainez cost to tigers near 7 million dollars, where the royals will have the highest percentage of their letter for a possible future sale. Similarly, according to information from Aztec Sportsthe group from Monterrey disbursed 11 million dollars to the Tuzos del Pachuca to get the services of ibanez. And if it was not enough, David Medranoassured that cocca is he highest paid technician of the MX League when receiving close to 4 million dollars annually.

With the above, tigers became the most valuable template of the Mexican championship upon reaching the $86 million in value of its workforce, according to data from ESPN. Count on Gignacwho holds the title of the player best paid of all the MX League, Diego Laínez who does the same as the Mexican who receives the highest salary and also the most economically pampered coach. The Tigers have for all that, less to have first class facilities.

In social networks, an image has become popular in which some areas of the university stadiumwhere the toilets seem to be from a building of any neighborhood amateur teamTigres only invests in staff but in infrastructure it is an Expansion teamyour stadium doesn’t even have decent toilets,” wrote one of the users on Twitter.

Nicolás Ibáñez debutó  with the UANL Tigers in the Clausura 2023 (Photo: AP)

Nicolás Ibáñez debuted with the UANL Tigers in the Clausura 2023 (Photo: AP)

The publication has caused a stir, since it can be seen as a team that aspires to be among the so-called ‘big four’, has no constructions that they aspire to be. In contrast, the direct rival of the tigersthe Rayados de Monterreythey have their Steel giant, stadium opened in 2015 and which will host the 2026 World Cup in Mexico.

In that sense, the tigers they have been left to duty on the subject infrastructure. Chivas and America they can presume that their venue will also be required for the World Cup to be held in three and a half years. The Azteca Stadium and Akron Stadium they prepare for the joust with caution.

Fernando Gorriaran sumó  minutes with the UANL Tigers in the Clausura 2023 (Photo: Alfredo Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Fernando Gorriaran added minutes with the UANL Tigers in the Clausura 2023 (Photo: Alfredo Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

For its part, the feline squad will have the most expensive squad in the Aztec tournament, although no modern facilities. “I don’t know what version of the imaginary stadium we are going in, the Tigres board of directors must urgently remodel stadium bathroomsthey are a pity ”, was read in a publication.

It must be remembered that in January 2022the Tigres board announced the construction of its new stadiumwhich according to the directors would be ready to 2025. One year after the announcement, the constructions have not startedso it does not look encouraging that it will be carried out in three years.

Tigres supporters during the game against Atlético San Luis in the Clausura 2023 (Photo: JULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AFP via Getty Images)

Tigres supporters during the game against Atlético San Luis in the Clausura 2023 (Photo: JULIO CESAR AGUILAR/AFP via Getty Images)

For his part, samuel garcia, Governor of Nuevo Leonassured in 2022 that the construction of the new stadium tigers It would start in the middle of that same year, but it was not like that either. In the start of 2023under the Budget 2023 of the state of Nuevo León and about the ‘Gabinete de Generación de Riqueza Sostenible’ program, it was mentioned that 50 million pesos for the construction and renovation of the University Stadium. According to various reports, the new facility will cost about 320 million dollars.

For now tigers will continue to play in a stadium that was inaugurated in the late 1960s. Financial Support of tigers to announce the bomb signings come from CEMEXa company dedicated to Construction Industry. Ironically the firm has not supported the construction of a new propertybut yes that of high-renown hires.


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