Tigres and their fans, the other culprits behind Diego Lainez’s setback

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Diego Lainez returned to Liga MX as Tigres’ bomb reinforcement. (Photo: Octavio Passos/Getty Images)

Diego Laínez he is already a soccer player tigers. Once again the feline institution has repatriated a Mexican player who abandoned his European path. This sporting setback is the fault of the player, his advisers, the club that returned him, and also the fans, who he received it as if it were a consecrated idol when their reality is closer to mediocrity than to glory.

It is true that Lainez has his own responsibility for returning to a less competitive league: for not knowing how to decide, for not being able to stand out in Europe and also for giving up fighting and succumbing to the temptations of the MX League. The shadow of premature failure will always haunt him, unless he takes revenge and tries again, he has the age and conditions to do so.

But not all the blame lies with the 22-year-old end. What about Tigres?, It opened the doors to the player as if he were a world star despite the fact that his achievements are not equivalent to it. He barely won a Copa del Rey with Betis and he did it as a supporting actor.

The club is no less guilty of this premature return. Their voracity to achieve media relevance led them to sign a player who, at a sporting level, It does not have the validity that a few yesterdays ago it had.

lainez arrived to Real Betis in 2019 by a close number at 14 million eurosand since then he did little and nothing else.

He went to SC Braga from Portugal and did not dazzle either. During his European run he played 85 matches, he scored 6 goals and gave 8 assists. One of the few salvageable things is the bronze medal he won at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Diego Lainez was part of the team that wonó  the Copa del Rey in 2022 but he was not decisive.  (Photo: Juanjo Ubeda/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Diego Lainez was part of the team that won the Copa del Rey in 2022 but was not decisive. (Photo: Juanjo Ubeda/Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

But the performance of the player does not mean that the cats are not complicit in an evil that has been criticized so much: the lack of Mexican players in Europe. Offering exorbitant salaries for someone who has been in the dark for 4 years is also part of the problem. They are rewarding mediocrity with things that not even the real stars have. Of course, the stadium shirts or tickets will not stop selling.

According to information from HalftimeDiego Lainez will earn 2 million dollars a year with Tigres, more than 3 million Mexican pesos a month.

Tigers did not force Factor to come, but he did offer him benefits that even he didn’t think he could get. Of course, it is understandable that as a team they seek to strengthen their squad to aspire to championships, but they did so at the expense of a young man who could still maintain his European dream, even if it was in lower-ranking leagues.

Lainez will be on loan with the team led by Diego Cocca until December 2023. At that time he has the possibility of a sports rematch. We will have to see if he takes it.

Some Tigres fans have greeted Diego Lainez as if he were a legend.  (Photo: Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

Some Tigres fans have greeted Diego Lainez as if he were a legend. (Photo: Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images)

The fans, another culprit

Just as the fans are responsible for cataloging him as “the Mexican Messi”, now they are also guilty of creating a dystopian scenario for the attacker born in Tabasco for his level of play.

The people of Nuevo León welcomed him as if he were a superstar. Diego Lainez made the medical tests at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and drove almost everyone present crazy. He caused such a fervor that he had to get out under cover.

His return to Liga MX continues to give people something to talk about. Some wanted to see him in the America shirt, others are happy that the Tigers have hired him. Some of the questions revolve around expectations, will it be decisive in Mexican soccer or not?

In Mexico, anyone who has a moment of lucidity shines, so you don’t have to focus on that. Lainez has the ability to stand out in a competition like the Mexican one, although of course, You run the risk of not doing it and burying, even more, your career.

The real question to ask is why a player like Diego Lainez continues to generate excitement? His credentials lie solely in the —sporadic— imbalance on the wings.

No one denies that the player trained in America has shown technical skills worthy of few, but the reception given to him by Tigres fans is not equivalent to his football present. He was wrapped up as if he had won everything in Europe.

Lainez won  the 2018 Opening Tournament with América, that augured a promising future for him.  (Photo: Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images).

Lainez won the 2018 Opening Tournament with América, which augured a promising future for him. (Photo: Jaime Lopez/Jam Media/Getty Images).

Lainez did not return to Mexico like those players who did consolidate a career in the old continent, or who were at least consistent or winners with their teams. Examples like that of Rafael Márquez, Carlos Salcido or Héctor Moreno They are the ones that can be taken to talk about a triumphant return. They do deserve the applause and the ovations.

These names stepped on Europe, touched glory, and returned to Liga MX at an advanced age but with historical support behind them. They earned their return as “legends”.

marquez he returned from a historic Barcelona to play with León and even lift a championship; salcido he amazed locals and strangers with his championships with PSV in the Eredivisie, then he returned to Tigres and later to Chivas, with whom he also won trophies; Dark He was a multi-champion in the Netherlands and consolidated himself in Spain signing a European career of more than 10 years, now he is the starting defender for Rayados.

Lainez has nothing in common with these Mexicans, only the passport. But the fans have taken it upon themselves to place him, at least by applause, at the same level. The fans are also guilty of the Tabasco stepping on land that does not belong to him.


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