Tiger attacks tamer in full circus function in Italy

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Tiger attacks tamer in full circus function in Italy
The tamer did not lose his life. Photo: Gettyimages / Illustrative

In a video captured in Italy was shared on social networksWell, in the images, a tiger attacked its tamer, which was injured by the tremendous force of the feline; The incident occurred at the beginning of the year, however, it began to go viral a few days ago.

Tiger attacks tamer

In the images you can see that the show took place in a italy circus, according to various media reports. The tamer is inside the cage with two bengal tigersone of them is located in a kind of bank, which left it in a high part.

The another tiger stands behind the tamerthe subject performs the show work, however, in an instant, one of the cats bit the man and began the attack.

  • The animal’s strength was almost impossible to control by the tamer, in the images you can see how the tiger attacks, bites and pounces brutally on the tamer. The audience began to scream as they watched the incredible scene.

Seconds later, another man enters the cage with a chair, apparently, and hits the tiger to make it release the tamer.

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After the attack, the tamer was taken to a hospitalas he was injured, however, the injuries were not as strong as the images spread on social networks.

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