This would cost living in Lionel Messi’s childhood home

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  • Messi played against CR7 in a friendly match, 3 years after their last confrontation.

  • Lionel has a community of 421 million followers on Instagram.

  • Messi’s contract with Adidas is approximately 1.6 million euros.

Lionel Messi He is currently considered the best soccer player in the world, although it is known that his beginnings were not exactly full of luxuries, since the house in which he lived during his youth was really simple.

The life of Messi It has changed for the better, since it was recently 1 month since he became world champion, from then on, much has been said about him, since in fact he broke a record by having the photo with the most likes in this social network, this being where he is holding the World Cup.

Many fans expected to see Messi face off against Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup final and although that was not the case, recently he witnessed this long-awaited and classic match, being a friendly match in Arabia between the Paris Saint-Germain and Riyadh Season, a team with players from the two biggest clubs in the host country, Al Nassr and Al Hilal, at the King Fahd stadium in Riyadh. The last time these great players met was on December 8, 2020, in a duel between FC Barcelona and Juventus from Italy.

Lionel Messi’s estate

Today, Messi has no problem with money, because despite the fact that he won a million-dollar sum of money, he had to go back to work with his team, Paris Saint-Germain, it is estimated that his salary for playing in this club is 110 million euros. Lionel is currently one of the highest paid, along with Cristiano Ronaldo, Mbappé and Neymar.

In 2022, Messi He was valued at 50 million euros, however this figure has increased significantly due to his championship in Qatar, he and his team were rewarded with 42 million dollars.

The footballer has profits wherever he wants, as he also works through collaborations and sponsorships, it is known that he is the main image of Adidas and his contract with this brand is approximately 1.6 million euros, he also has contracts with major brands such as Pepsi, Lays and Gatorade that add up to 2.5 million euros, likewise, it constantly generates sponsored posts on Instagram that generate around 1.1 million euros, which are very recurring since certain brands seek to promote themselves through the great reach it has Messiwith a community of 4,216 million followers on Instagram, as if this were not enough, the Argentine also has his clothing brand, in addition to having hotels.

This would cost living in Lionel Messi’s childhood home

Lionel Messi’s house is characterized by being really simple, it is located in the neighborhood of The descentin Rosario, Argentina, this house has 2 floors and he lived there until the year 2000.

A real estate consultant was able to calculate that the houses in that area measure 120 square meters and have 2 or 3 bedrooms, in addition to a bathroom. The houses with these characteristics in that area cost between $7,000 and $90,000 dollars, if a 20-year mortgage with a 30 percent down payment and interest rate is taken into account, you would have to pay around $314 thousand Argentine pesos, so to live there, someone would have to earn more than $667 thousand Argentine pesos , which is equivalent to a $1,800 mortgage with income of $3,700.

@bernardo_melendez How much would you have to earn to live in Leo Messi’s childhood home? #Leo Messi #messi #Real estate advisor ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

It is probable that today, that neighborhood is valued in some way, for the simple fact that the best player in the world lived there in his youth.

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