This will be the iPhone 14 according to the screen protectors that are already sold and we have found

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We all want them to arrive iPhone 14. So much so that, if we want, we can already buy a screen protector for this future iPhone. Doesn’t seem to matter much that it hasn’t been introduced yetwe are seeing an avalanche of screen protectors in online stores.

Protectors for an iPhone that has not yet been presented

While is true that some manufacturers receive the specifications of iPhone size to be able to start preparing accessories such as cases and protectors before launch, there are few that Apple grants this distinction. So, be careful, because many brands are based on simple rumors and renders. Although, of course, knowing who has information and who does not is an arduous task.

Even with everything, the amount of these accessories is striking we are seeing compared to previous years. Without a doubt, the change in the notch design on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max is generating interest in both future customers and brands.


It is also worth remembering that, in previous years, some leaks from well-known brands, mainly for having put a product on the shelves or on the web ahead of time, they have given us clues. We do not know to what extent the same situation is taking place, since for now we have not seen leaks from any major brand.

For now we will have to wait to be able to buy covers and protectors with the necessary guarantees and also to know what the iPhone 14 will be like. A wait that could be shorter than we thinkbecause some rumors suggest that we could see the new iPhone next september 6.