This was the tragic end of the singer of Banda Cuisillos; he was murdered in his house

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Without a doubt, mourning has seized the Mexican regional genre on several occasions with the murders of some of its exponents, such is the case of Sergio Gómez (K-peace of the Sierra), Sergio Vega “El Shaka””, Titus WhirlwindValentín Elizalde, Chalino Sánchez, Zayda Peña, Francisco Ernesto Ruiz Martínez (Vocalist of Cuisillos) and some more.

It is precisely the last grupero mentioned above who we are going to talk about in this note, since his death impacted not only the Mexican regional guild but also everything Mexico He was perplexed after learning how the life of the band’s vocalist was taken cuisillos.

What happened?

It was October 12 2017just under a month after the earthquake that hit the Mexico City so the Mexicans did not want any more unfortunate news, however, it was past noon when information began to circulate about the murder of a famous group.

It was about Francisco Ernesto Ruiz Martinezone of the three vocalists of Cuisillos Band, the news was confirmed by the group and its manager.

According to information issued by various media Francisco Ernesto Ruiz Martinez He was at his home located in GuadalajaraJalisco when a couple of subjects entered his house to try to rob his home, so the singer began to struggle with them and the rogues shot at the singer, thus ending his life.

Was it a direct attack?

Despite the first versions that ensured that the vocalist of cuisillos He was killed by men who planned to rob the singer’s home; Eduardo Almaguer who was back then Jalisco prosecutor He shared with the media that according to the line of investigation it was a direct attack on the singer.

According to the statements of a neighbor of Ernestohe was arriving accompanied by his family when he was surprised by his killers in the garage of his house.

It’s almost over 5 years after the murder of the singer and so far no more is known about the reasons they had for taking his life, however, his companions cuisillos they remember him fondly and have dedicated some of their performances to his memory.


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