This was the macabre death of a beloved actress who shone in “Marimar”

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Undoubtedly, Mexico has given us great talents, so today we will talk about one of them in particular and that is that throughout his artistic career he gave us great characters, however, one of the most remembered is that of “Mama Cruz” in the soap opera “marimar”, yes, today we will talk about Ada Carrasco.

Ada Carrasco was a Mexican actress who participated in more than 40 soap operas and TV shows including: “The rich also cry”, “Mundo de juguete”, “Rosa Salvaje”, “Carousel”, among many others, however, one of his most remembered performances, as we mentioned before, is in the telenovela marimarand that was his last appearance because he died in the year of 1994 the same time that said soap opera was on the air starring Thalia including the death of the actress 81 years coincided with his fictional death.

The curious or macabre coincidence

Was April 5, 1994, the Mexican families were gathered to watch the telenovela of the moment: “marimar“That day one of the most exciting but at the same time saddest chapters would be broadcast, which without a doubt marked not only the history of soap operas but also that of television shows. Mexico.

That night, viewers and loyal fans of “marimar“they would witness how it is that “Nicandro” (Toño Infante) complied with the orders of the wicked Angelica (Chantal Andere) who just wanted to see the main character played by Thalia who by the way was in jail.

So it was, “nicandro” (Toño Infante) set fire to the cabin of “Papa Pancho” (Tito Guizar) and of “Mama Cruz” who was played by Ada Carrasco, His death was shocking, but more so was the news that was confirmed hours after these terrible scenes of “Marimar”.

And it is that the great actress Ada Carrasco, not only that one died April 5th 1994 In Fiction, for death overtook her life from an acute myocardial infarction at 82 years of age.

According to the entertainment journalist dioni gonzalez the death of the actress Ada Carrasco It was something he describes as “amazing” because they could not believe the curious and even macabre coincidence of the fictional death and the real one.

“We couldn’t believe it, I mean, we thought it had been, well, you know, gossip in very bad taste from someone who wanted to do some kind of promotion or scandal, but it was really sensitive, painful and really incredible,” said Dioni González

Thalía was present at Ada Carrsco’s wake

Although many are unaware of this detail, Ada Carrasco it was great-grandmother of the host of the Hoy program, Andrea Escalonahence in turn the actress was a grandmother of the also deceased magda rodriguezso it is no coincidence that so much talent is in this family.

Recently, Andrea Escalona remembered the strange coincidence of the death of his famous great-grandmother and revealed that, although he does not perfectly remember many details of what happened the day of the wake of Ada Carrascokeep in mind that Thalia was giving the last goodbye to who in “Marimar” was her grandmother, the unforgettable “Mama Cruz”.


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