This user has gotten tired of hiding his cables and now boasts them in his setup

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It doesn’t matter if you have a iMac to help you reduce the number of cables and plugs hanging from your table. As soon as you want to use some accessories, you always end up forced to manage a tangle of cables to camouflage them and prevent them from being seen. But that sometimes costs so much that it might as well be an activity available on the Apple Watchso there are those who simply give up: if you have no way to hide those wires, show them off.

The cable can also be beautiful for some

An example of this is the desktop of the Reddit user PlaZma64which has moved all the sockets on your desk in a corner with a vertical power strip where everything is concentrated. It may seem like a lot of cables, but if we look closely we can see that there has already been a simplification exercise using some USB and USB-C multi-port adapters, including the new dual USB-C adapter from Apple.

I have no doubt that a shiver can run down your spine when you see that corner full of cables, but in some cases this can be the result of trying too many times to hide those cables and failing for whatever reason. And well… if you can’t hide it, then show it proudly. One thing cannot be discussed: PlaZma64 you can access those wires and connections more easily than anyone hiding them under the table somehow.

Would you do something like this on your table despite all the solutions to camouflage and organize cables that we have today? For tastes, colors. Perhaps, with some hope and new solutions, those cables will no longer be necessary on our desks.