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The appearance is one of the issues that most interests us in our mobile phone, being practically the first look that we can have when we pick up the smartphone. And among all the possibilities that we are going to have when changing the style of our iPhone, one of the most interesting will be to the tricks we can use to get to change the wallpaper of our mobile phone, being able to do it even on a daily basis and best of all, it will be done automatically.

If what we are looking for is to cause our iPhone to constantly change the different wallpapers, what we should know is that there are not exactly few ways in which we can carry out this automatic change of wallpaper. Therefore, it is your decision to use the one that best suits you and what you are looking for with the style of your iPhone, which by the way, must be updated to iOS 16 if we want to be able to carry out all the possibilities that we show you.

Use the random photos

The first of the ways that we can carry out if what we are looking for is for our wallpaper to change automatically, it is also one of the best known thanks to the random photos that we can take on our mobile phone. And the iPhone is precisely one of the mobile phones that allows us a greater number of possibilities if what we are looking for is to change the photo.

To do this, we will have to access the configuration that allows us to change the wallpaper and once there, select the random photos option at the top of the selection menu.

Once we have selected this option, it will give us a large number of options that we can use in order to fully customize these random photos. So much so that we can select the different people that we want them to appear in these photos in the same way that we can do it with the cities, appearing them automatically; although if we want to select the photos manually, we can also do it. Finally we will also have the option to choose How often do we want to see a change? of photographs, being able to do it every hour, every day or even every time we block or touch the mobile.

Concentration modes are your solution

If we are frequent users of the different concentration modes of our mobile phone, the best option before us is to make use of the wallpapers and widgets paired with the different concentration modes in order to carry out the activation of the funds together with the different modes.

This will be one of the most interesting features, as it will also allow us to configure different widgets depending on the mode of concentration to which we match the wallpaper; something that we can configure depending on what we are looking for with each mode of concentration and that we can activate by following the steps below:

  1. Press on the home screen of your iPhone until you see the customization screen for each wallpaper.
  2. Create or select the background that you want to pair with a focus mode.
  3. click on ‘Concentration’ in the background selection as you can see in the photo.
  4. Select the mode to which you want to match this wallpaper you just created.

At the moment it is activated, you will see how your wallpaper changes and the mobile will automatically take care of putting the wallpaper you have selected.

Do it looking at the sky

If what we want is for it to change constantly during the day and also have a much more curious and original wallpaper, the Cupertino company puts the possibility of having a wallpaper on our iPhone based on astronomy or time we are having at our location. In the case of the first, it will show our position on the earth while it rotates, while in the second, the animation corresponding to the weather situation we are having will appear on the screen. If it is clear we will see it as a blue sky, while if it is cloudy we will see numerous clouds on our screen.

The only problem that we can have with this type of wallpaper is the enormous amount of battery that it can consume due to the need to continuously use the location. Therefore, if you have problems with your battery, it is better that you look at the previous processes to use the automatic change.

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