This is why Jin from BTS delayed his military recruitment

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Jin of bts gave the details of why his presence in the Korean army was delayed.

On October 28, Jin did a broadcast on weverse, talking about two important situations. The first was about her new single, “The Astronaut«, released earlier the same day. the star of bts will make his live debut presenting his new single in Argentina, on the tour of Coldplaywho helped him in the composition of the song.

The second topic that the star of k pop was about his presentation for military service, saying that in a few days he would return to Korea since Argentina and that it is most likely that he will present himself for compulsory military service at the beginning of November. The BIGHIT Music agency, who run BTS, I previously released a statement mentioning the members preparing for their presence in the Korean military next year.

Jin I mention in his transmission the following:

Initially, I was planning to report to the army in June, but to be nice to the fans, I postponed the enlistment until after the October performance in Busan. I didn’t want the audience to cry. So my presence in the army was delayed.

The official announcement was made days after his performance in Busan on October 15 and with the success of his latest songs, the singer said:

“Since both songs did well, I honestly think it was right that I didn’t leave at that time”

BTS’s Jin publicly apologized to Army. we leave you one note of the news

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