This is what the only girlfriend Jungkook from BTS has ever had looks like

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The ARMY, the official fandom of bts, has managed to find new photographs of the only girlfriend the member has had Jungkook, leaving a great impression within the fandom due to her great beauty and personality.

Jungkook’s popularity in the kpop music scene It is gigantic, its name is a trend every day on social networks thanks to the large number of fans it has around the world.

For this reason, the golden maknae is one of the most desired artists in the world, but due to his professional occupations, the idol He has admitted that he has only had one girlfriend in the last 8 years.

Jungkook’s girlfriend is the only romance the singer knows kpop in a public way, since he himself revealed the story of how everything happened. And to debut with Bangtan, his love could not prosper, since he did not have time to see her or to communicate with her.

And now, BTS fans have gotten new photos of this mysterious girl and have compared the before and after of each other. The army He has been able to notice that he remains very youthful and with very long black hair.

And you, do you like the only girlfriend he’s ever had? jungkook of bts?

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