This is what Soriana gives as a gift, when you turn 30 years of work

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  • Soriana is one of the leading brands in retail within Mexico, along with other competitors such as Walmart Chedraui, Bodega Aurrera and Oxxo.

  • A projection made in the studio “Global Consumer Trends: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace” revealed in which countries employees valued diversity the most.

  • Attention to employees when achieving a record in a company tells us how important talent management becomes in some companies.

Knowing what Soriana gives as a gift to an employee, when she turns 30 years working for the store, highlights her role as a key player in the retail and the brand has consolidated itself in the market with key actions, as it recently did with a seasonal campaign to commemorate breast cancer care or the sales debut of a new line of wines in its stores, which in the end of the day becomes a diversification both in what it sells and in what it communicates to the consumer, especially if we add to this trend brands such as Walmart, Oxxo o Bodega Aurrerá, important competitors of the retailthanks to the talent management they implement.

An interesting case occurred in Bodega Aurrerá when a sign at the entrance to the aisle of a toll box read:

“Good morning, my name is Sandra Pajaro, I can’t listen or speak but I’m here to serve you at ease. If you require anything additional, please write it down on your cell phone and show it to me.”

Without further details revealed on networks, only that it was an employee at a Mini Bodega Aurrerá, we learned of the story that became an important inclusion guideline for the retailwhich has found in this segment a key element to be able to highlight actions that manage to be valuable both for the talent they manage and for the consumers who come across these experiences.

Diversity, key at work

In an investigation conducted in the study “Global Consumer Trends: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace”the percentage of employees who valued working with people other than themselves in 2021 was measured.

The United States was the country where this aspect was most important, at least for the 72 percent of those interviewed, followed by Spain, Australia, Germany and Japan with 70, 70, 55 and 49 percentrespectively.

“In 2021the 72 percent of full-time U.S. employees valued working with people who are different from themselves. According to the report Global Consumer Trends on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of the firm dynatajust a 49 percent of Japanese employees value a workplace with diversity”, concluded the Statista Research Department when projecting this study.

A gift after 30 years

An unexpected gift arrived at the hands of a Soriana employee after completing 30 years of work in Soriana: a watch for women of the Mido brand.

@luisantoniola03 30 year old gift #good humor #soriana #gifts ♬ original sound – Luis Antonio Lara Official

The story was published by Luis Antonio Larawho constantly uploads content about activities that take place in Soriana stores, such as the moment in which farderos are arrested and must show what they have stolen, while in other videos he shows moments that are experienced daily in the store, such as moving the place inventory, because in the rainy season it filters and damages the product of the store.

The action became an interesting recognition for talent in retail and is an important action that draws attention, considering that working in a supermarket store today becomes a transcendent activity, especially due to the inflation and post-contingency environment that is lived

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