This Is What Happens To You If You Stop Eating Carbs

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If one of your purposes of New Year East 2023 it was lose weight and put you to diet, It is important that you come with a nutritionist to provide you with a specialized plan that not only helps you meet your goal but also does it in a healthy way.

And it is that the problem of many people is that they put themselves to diet without consulting an expert and then they can lose weight by way of unhealthysince they only cut calories when it’s really about consuming adequate portions of nutritious foods.

One of the first things people do when they get into diet is to cut the carbs because they are believed to be the main cause of excess weight. In fact, one of the most popular diets today is the ketogenic, which is based on being high in fat, low in carbs and moderate in protein.

what happens if you stop eating carbs?

But how healthy is it to eliminate or drastically reduce the carbs of the diet? A research recently published in the European Heart Journal related the absence of carbs on the diet with a high risk of premature death.

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The research analyzed data from 25,000 people over an 11-year period and found that people with subsistence allowance low carbs had a 32% increased risk of early death (due to heart disease or cancer) than those following a diet rich in carbs.

Other separate research published in the journal The Lancetfound that people who followed a low carb dietthat is, those who obtained less than 40% of their daily calories from carbshad a higher risk of mortality than moderate users of carbswhose diets were between 50% and 55% carbs.

It is bad stop eating carbs?

Experts believe those results have to do with the types of carbs that are eaten and with what they are replaced, since in a low carb diet The quality of the rest of the food matters a lot.

And it is that the carbs are our main source of energy, so when you remove them from your diet You may feel tired, lethargic, moody, or cloudy. Furthermore, although removing the carbs from your diet will surely make you lose weightsurely you will recover it again.

This is because a large part of what we eat is carbs. The grains, the fruit, the vegetable, the starch are carbs and it is extremely difficult for a person to give this up.

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So eventually when they come back to eat carbs, the weight gain It will be reflected on the scale. Another disadvantage of removing the carbs is that it is very easy to become constipated since most sources of fiber are carbs.

But if you replace all carbs with fat, as in keto dietit may happen that you have diarrhea, inflammation or excessive flatulence, so maintaining a nutritional balance is important.

You can also develop a deficiency vitamins, Since the fruits, vegetables and whole grains are carbs and by stopping eating them, you will lose a large part of the vitamin supply.


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