This is what Camila Sodi looked like as a child, you will die of tenderness!: VIDEO

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Con 36 years old and several of these seeing her work in movies or TV series, Camila Sodi She is known for that attractive presence and some roles that she has represented on the big and small screen. In addition to this, it should be said that she was paired with the actor and producer Diego Luna, father of her children.

That is why it is quite a surprise to find an image where you can see Camila Sodi when she was a little girl in the arms from his mother Ernestina Sodi. As a girl who at that time could not imagine the artistic career that she would develop, she was already part of the special visits to the program of Raúl Velasco, “Always on Sunday”, successful broadcast of shows back then.

Camila Sodi, a little baby

The most normal thing is to see Camila Sodi today with any of her facets in film productions or TV series. A few years ago, she even had a stage where music was her main artistic project. Currently, she also performs as model of advertising campaigns and influencer in social networksshowing the lifestyle he leads and which allows him to travel often.

It is so in his most recent posts on instagram He could be seen on the beach and happy with his vacation, showing the best bikinis for the summer.

But going further into her past, surprises can be found where Camila is a little girl with arms in the lap of Ernestina Sodi, her mother and sister of Thalía.

That was how that occasion arose, being a small one, in the broadcast “Always on Sunday”, by Raúl Velasco, same where he was singing his Aunt Thalía and that she and her family were invited and presented to the public by Mr. Raúl.