This is the worst position to put your PS5 and the liquid metal is to blame, according to reports

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sony premiered the playstation 5 little more than two years ago and, since its launch, one of the components that has generated the most debate is the liquid metal that is used to cool the union between its amd-chip and its heat sink. Many pointed out that this liquid could spill relatively easily and it seems that this has been reported by various external repairers of this console, according to an entry in Wololo.

Apparently, keep vertically our PS5 can “kill” our console, when said metallic liquid is thrown away. Despite what was said in sites like Fossbyteswhere they shared what Sony reported about it, this problem seems not to be isolated.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how you decide to position the PS5; whether you put it in a horizontal or vertical position, the console will work as it is supposed to. According to Yasuhiro Ootori, from Sony’s design department, it doesn’t matter how you decide to put the PS5; the posture, whether vertical or horizontal, will not affect cooling.

A situation that had already been reported

Through Facebook, in the group of PlayStation 5 Francepublications have circulated where you can see how the metal has been spilled and the causality seems to indicate that this is thanks to placing your console vertically, as Ben Montana, technician and console repairer, reveals.

Spill from the liquid metal tank of a PS5. I have commented on this before and it is not an isolated case, it is affecting all current models [digital y con lector de discos]I’ve been talking about this for a long time. So there’s no need to be aggressive, it’s just advice. [no colocar la PS5 en vertical]. If you need any advice, I am here to answer your questions. It’s my job as a console technician.

By itself, this liquid metal is a great solution to keep the temperature of the console stable but while Sony has said that the liquid-sealing capsule should be compact enough to prevent leaks, we know that in these cases, the chance of spillage is never reduced to zero.

a troublesome case

Fluids maintain a fundamental property that is horizontality, no matter the container where you place them, all liquids will expand horizontally. Therefore, together with the gravitational effect, added to some problem with the seal, they are the perfect recipe to shed the metal.

Ps5 Liquid Metal Capsule

Part where this liquid is found

As reported by Wolololo, there are two possible problems when the above happens. The first thing would be console cooling system decayscausing the console to get louder as the fans need to work extra to help cool down, which will consume more power and eventually the temperature will reach a critical limit and overheat the console.

The second problem could be that the remains of the fluid end up in various parts of the motherboard of the PS5, breaking it down completely. According to the comparative between metallic liquid and thermal paste, made by makeuseof, the smallest part of the metal could “kill” the console.

A single drop outside of the target zone can cause a short circuit at power up or, worse, specific component failure if not cleaned up.

It affects even consoles that have never been used

Most surprising of all is that, if we think about it, this It can happen with PS5 that have never left their box. So we can appreciate it thanks to TheCod3r in Youtubewho showed a video in which a PS5 that never came out of its box did not work and the reason was unknown.

Youtbe Liquid Metal Ps5

Image from TheCod3r video

It wasn’t until they opened the equipment and looked inside that they found that a metallic liquid leak had occurred. So all of the above could be an indicator that the fault may be more common than it seems and it has not been taken into account so far, we will see if Sony is encouraged to modify something in the design for future iterations.

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