This is the solar electric car that broke the Guinness record

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They assured that they investigated two ways to increase the autonomy of the car, which are to provide it with greater energy storage that it uses to move or to reduce friction as much as possible during its movement.

They said that the first way is the simplest, but at the same time the least effective, since if it is a car with a thermal engine, which must be fed with gasoline derived from petroleum, which must increase the capacity of the tank and therefore therefore the weight.

But they said this amounts to increasing emissions of all kinds, including tire and brake burn, not just gasoline.

From what they said that in an electric car, reducing the consumption of non-vital components for movement is also a way to improve performance, and several studies and developments have gone along this path, which took refuge in solar energy as a A method of powering the climate, sound, lights, and infotainment systems without draining the battery.

They commented that the Sunswift 7 is a two-seater car that moves through an electric motor that is powered by a battery that is recharged thanks to photovoltaic cells, and that it has just reached what appears to be a new Guinness record.


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