This is the new home of the former Barca Puyol captain in Andorra

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Models beautiful and Famous football players, a combination that lately the world is getting used to seeing on the covers of specialized magazines and in the world of entertainment and that is possibly a matter of fame where money is involved and that in effect benefits both equally. There are variations and in many cases love says present, as in the case of the beautiful model vanessa lorenzo and former footballer Carles Puyol who have their love nest in this home, a Mansion specially decorated in the style minimalist and a design that calls for relaxation, where without a doubt it is a house that invites you to be enjoyed.

Either to live daily or for the hobbies of this beautiful and in love couple such as yoga and gastronomic art, that is; a House perfect to achieve unforgettable moments in family company. But let’s get warm and go to the detail of this great flat where the former captain of Barcelona in the company of his 2 daughters and his wife have moved to Andorra fixing of course residence in this Principated where like Sergio “Kum” Aguero develops NFT and E-Sports activities and is a lover of real estate properties where you can enjoy privacy and rest.

A genius mansion in the Principality of Andorra

With the firm purpose of being very close to its key project, the former soccer player Puyol and his wife the model Vanessa have decided to move to the Principality of Andorra, directly to a Mansion with all kinds of luxuries and comforts, but that does not exceed too much until it reaches the classification of eccentricity; that is, a comfortable house, with enough luxuries that money can buy and that is perfectly focused on offering comfortsecurity and an environment that allows them to safely enjoy a home with the best company they can have: their 2 daughters.

The project called “The Olyverse” belongs to the NFT and has been created by the business firm Olyseum and of which the former Barca captain has been a partner for the past five years. In addition to counting on the fact that more than 2 thirds of the partners of this firm and of this specific project are currently living in Andorraanother condition that ultimately culminated in giving the final push for the decision to move and buy a flat in this country.

an initiative and a decision that they are nothing new, and it is that the famous businessman and former athlete had already been warning his family about this move, because his investments date back to 2017 (long before the COVID pandemic) and are perfectly involved in the metaverse, crypto and state-of-the-art technology.

Family life in a dream house

The house is located in “La Massana” where a series of businessmen, restaurateurs, investors and owners of sports store chains and those related to this branch are parading. All with the firm intention of involving them in the business and growing the investment for the project of which you are a partner; all this while the family activities they are not paralyzed because he is an inveterate lover of yoga and culinary art, in addition to enjoying every moment with his daughters and wife.

furniture yoga sport health

The configuration of the House and its decorative style are fully inclined towards the minimalism, where the industrial-style lamps from the 50s and 60s and the gold and pastel colors stand out. It also has a vegetable patch family where indeed the whole family can harvest their vegetables and enjoy one of the passions of the former player such as the culinary area.

With respect to bedroom of the girlsthis was decorated to perfection by family friend Martina Klein, who owns a design of interiors and exteriors and that has made a peculiar effort to demonstrate that it is capable of offering charm in industrial quantities, which is why the beds in the format of a house structure are extremely striking and are surely giving a lot to talk about.

A house with the perfect spaces for various activities

Firstly the lighting management is unbeatable in this home and is that the main living room of the house of the model and the former soccer player is perfectly decorated, with a appearance Nordic where white walls and wooden floors predominate, a combination that complements and balances wonderfully well.

This room is decorated with furniture that allows amplitude and comfort as well as simplicity to the extreme, highlighting a sofa in which Vanesa and Puyol enjoy and that I could definitely give you a clear and precise idea of ​​a taste where the right measure prevails and where excess really has no place and of course maintaining the precise sizes so that the furniture It can work perfectly well for both adults and girls.

comfort relax work home

The kitchen is another of the places in this mansion that maintains a very frequent family use and that is that both are followers of good gastronomy and they have given themselves the task and instill this doctrine in their daughters, it is common to observe many graphs where the girls accompany their parents in the preparation of various recipes, which in fact stand out for being healthy.

arriving at bedroom major simplicity continues to give much to talk about and there is no way to detail any type of excess and where the protagonists of this space are 2 gigantic cushions and a great bank of wood which sits at the foot of a simple but good-sized bed.

A former footballer and a model with a taste for minimalism

For others, a house that enjoys fullness and demonstrates that simplicity is also part of the culture of the rich, Famous and powerful. A structure that exudes health thanks to the fact that everyone is passionate about activities sports and where yoga and meditation are regular and common tasks within these rooms and of course a delicious and very healthy diet. Ultimately a flat which is generally a temple to austeritygood nutrition and healthy food.