This is the KPop company that prohibits its artists from taking photos with their fans

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A company that is in charge of different artists related to the kpopa group of singers in the industry are prohibited from taking photos with their fans.

The leader of the band in a recent broadcast revealed the real reasons why the company has prohibited them from taking photos with their fans.

And although their fans did not find a valid reason for this policy, after knowing the reasons they did not hesitate to support the artists because the reason is very true.

It’s all about the group txtand was their leader Soobin, who was in charge of solving the different doubts of his fans in a transmission through the application Weversethe day of his birthday.

Among the questions there was one that caught the attention of Soobinand it was because they were not allowed to take photos with their followers in some public places.

Given this, the singer commented that at first he was not aware of the company’s reasons for this, even before his debut he was not allowed to take photos, but then he understood the reason and said that Big Hit he does this to protect their lives.

The artist explained that there could be people who would pose as good, but have bad intentions, and spread false information about them, creating serious damage to their careers.

He ended the broadcast by apologizing to his fans, trying to make them understand the reasons.

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