This is the expensive gift (Yayoi Kusama) that the PR of Louis Vuitton sends to influencers

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  • The study “Public Relations Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery to 2030” realizes the value of the public relations industry.

  • In the luxury market, having details with consumers or influencers makes the difference between what is successful and what does not transcend in communication.

  • Louis Vuitton is considered by Brand Finance as one of the most valuable brands in the world.

A influencers documented how and what he received as a gift from Louis Vuittonwhich implemented a curious public relations strategy to publicize its most recent launch of garments and accessories, hand in hand with Yayoi Kusama.

The action reminds us of the weight that public relations have as an industry, with figures that even reach up to 129 billion dollars, which is what they are expected to reach in market value in 2025, according to the study “Public Relations Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact and Recovery to 2030”.

“The global public relations market was expected to grow from $88 billion in 2020 to approximately $97 billion in 2021. According to the latest estimates, the industry will be worth more than $129 billion by 2025,” he explained. Jose Gabriel Navarroanalyst of Statista when presenting this study.

From gifts to gifts

While some brands invest in giving away thermoses to influencers and media, to make them aware of a launch, the PR of Louis Vuitton It is not measured in the gifts you send to influencers with which the most valuable brand in the world collaborates apparel.

In this sense, we have found out about a very interesting reference and it is the one that has to do with the way in which communication, in the hands of public relations departments, stands out in the market.

With 38 thousand views on his account TikTok@alexandrapereira showed what he received as a PR gift from Louis Vuitton, now that the brand is promoting its recent collaboration with Yayoi Kusama.

@alexandrapereira Incredibly and absolutely excited about Yayoi Kusama collaborating again with @Louis Vuitton ✨ #LVxYayoiKusama ♬ Until I Found You – Em Beihold Version – Stephen Sanchez & Em Beihold

In the video he shows the gift box containing a bag capucine In calfskin, the bag appears with the intervention of the artist, as well as accessories such as a wallet also from the special collection.

After receiving the gift, which in Mexico has a price of 182 thousand pesosthe influencers He confirmed in a second video that it was a gift from the brand, to personalities on social networks with which he collaborates.

The action of this luxury brand has become a very interesting resource on how brands seek to get involved with the personalities that maintain the social conversation on networks, in addition to revealing how important communication has become in the hands of news agencies. public relations.

The details that luxury brands have with influencers attract attention at all times, due to the narrative they unleash. We saw a clear example of this when a young man who TikTok He called himself Chico Gucci, he wore what he considered to be an exclusive gift, which only privileged clients have.

When showing the gift for the long history of purchases he had in the brand, it was only a plastic shoehorn, which sparked ridicule on social networks, considering it a lousy detail from a luxury brand in which he has invested so much money. .

The actions of luxury brands and the reach they have in social networks have established a very important work model in communication with which products and services stand out.

Public relations is a crucial area in these brands and the extent of the reputation of the firms and the sales success of the launches depend on them.

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