This is Star Sphere, the project devised by Sony

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CES 2023 is leaving us with great news. From the latest advances in televisions, smartphones and other equipment, to eccentricities like this autonomous baby stroller. In addition to this, it has also given us time to learn about projects as interesting as star spherein which Sony is immersed.

Star Sphere will allow users be able to take pictures in real time from a satellite in space. The idea is that from the comfort of home, we can connect to a satellite in orbit, take a picture and download it to our computer. Its managers have told us all their secrets at the fair and under these lines we tell you all the details.

Using the satellite to take photos may take days

The project has in mind to offer a platform for the user where by entering their credentials they will be able to access their technology. The service will connect to a satellite that is available at the time, and the user will thus be able to take photographs of the Earth from home and in real time.

Technical demo present at CES 2023. On the panel you can control the direction, angle and position of the satellite, among other parameters.

Although it sounds fascinating communication with space is not usually instantaneous. That is why to use the service you will have to reserve a space, and from the platform they will notify us when we can use the satellite to be able to control it. This could take anywhere from days to weeks, all depending on the traffic of the service. We will also have to wait to download the images, so it is not an immediate action. However, we will have full control of the satellite to take the picture, something that at first sounds impressive.

The satellite is aligned with the International Space Station, so we can take images very similar to those of NASA or ESA. Sony has collaborated with the University of Tokyo and JAXA to develop the satellite and bring it into operation.


Satellite with built-in Sony lens.

During CES 2023 we were able to have a small technical demo, although unfortunately, it worked with pre-downloaded images offered by NASA, so we could not test the capabilities of the satellite in real time. Of course, we had a great time sailing with the advanced hands of his post, being able to manage the direction, position and angle of the satellite to take the picture.

Equipped with Sony cameras and technology

In addition, we were also able to see an exact replica of the original size of the satellite that will go into orbit to take the photos. The satellite will orbit between 500 and 600 kilometers above the Earth’s surface., and is equipped with a Sony full-frame camera with a 28-135mm f/4 lens. At the time of taking the picture, the user can also modify the ISO, aperture, shutter speed and more.

From Star Sphere they informed us that they also expect it to work with a playstation controllerso we could take a photo and operate the satellite from the joystick of the Sony remote.

It is expected to be a subscription service

The idea that the company has is to be able to market the product, either through a subscription service, or a single payment each time you want to take a photograph. However, there are still no details about the price or the way in which they will finally be decanted.

They have been able to offer us a launch window. And it is that it waits for Star Sphere be available sometime next summerso we will have to be attentive to see how the project progresses.

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