This is how they lose weight without dieting or exercising

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We are looking forward to the holidays to have vacations, spend time with our loved ones and, why not say it… to enjoy those foods and such hearty dinners at this time of year.

However, once these days of celebrations are over, it will be time to return to the routine. Many people take advantage of the new year to start new challenges, including exercising. If you also have this objective, you cannot miss the trick from the Japanese – you will get promising results.

Losing belly without diet or exercise is possible: An unknown but very effective trick

If Japan has something, it is that it is a very disciplined and advanced country in terms of nutrition. We just have to look at most of their schools, where in addition to teaching mathematics or history, they also learn the origin of food.

But as if that were not enough, the Government Japan also has policies that are aimed at promoting the health of its inhabitants. For this they do not skimp, and can end up allocating up to 8.1% of GDP.

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Taking all this into account, it should not surprise us at all that cases of overweight and obesity are minimal in the country. Even so, many people still wonder why the Japanese are so skinny.

And although your lifestyle and eating habits are a fundamental pillar in all this, exercise continues to play a key role in caring for your physical appearance. Specifically, there is one that seems to be quite effective.

The key to this diet is breathing

It is nothing more and nothing less than the ‘diet of breathing’, which became popular thanks to Miki Ryôsuke. The actor, in this case, managed to lose weight with her up to 13 kilos, something truly amazing.

However, the curious thing about his story is precisely the purpose with which he did it: Ryôsuke did not have the goal of losing weight, but to alleviate a back pain that he suffered. Be that as it may, the results did not leave anyone indifferent.

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For that reason, this famous diet of ‘breathing’ did not take long to cross the pond and reach our country. Concepción Martínez, nutritionist and dietician, points out the benefits that we can obtain with this practice.

“In 2013 or 2014, a colleague told me about Miki Ryôsuke and his breathing techniques. Since then it’s a routine that I keep in mind, however, I usually recommend it to my older clients than to the rest, always as a complement to a diet healthy,” says Martínez.

How to carry it out effectively

If there is something that we should highlight about this diet prolonged are, without a doubt, the positions. The first one tries to place one foot in front of the other, and squeeze the buttocks strongly. In addition, it is important to leave our body leaning slightly backwards.

When we do this, we will begin to inhale for three seconds, raising the arms above the head. Then we will exhale forcefully for another seven seconds, while lowering our arms and tensing our muscles.

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There is also a second position, and this consists of keeping your back straight and tensing your buttocks in the same way. Here, however, we will have to place one hand in front of the abdomen and another in the lower part of the back.

When we do, we will inhale for three seconds and exhale for another seven. It is important not to change the position of the hands, but nevertheless, we will have to keep all the muscles of the body tense.

There are various scientific studies that support the effectiveness of this practice. The benefits that we can obtain are several, but without a doubt, the most notable is the regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

If you aim to reduce grease body, we encourage you to try this technique. Its daily combination, together with a feeding healthy, it can help you achieve the physical change you want.

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