This is how they commit fraud in buying and selling channels on Facebook

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Juarez City.- The Secretary of Public Security of the State (SSPE), through the Cyber ​​Police Unit, issued an alert to the users of the buying and selling channels of the social network Facebook, about frauds that are carried out by people who request products and fake deposits to vendor accounts.

Thanks to the virtual patrols by the SSPE Cyber ​​Police personnel, it was detected that on Facebook, cybercriminals carry out fraud in sales interactions through the social network, it detailed in a statement.

The corporation explained that the victim is contacted by a buyer and they pretend to make a bank transfer to purchase the product they have for sale.

Through the transport services Uber, Didi, Indriver, among others, cybercriminals request that the product be picked up and, if the seller refuses, they threaten him saying that it belongs to a public security institution.

With this, they intimidate the seller so that he does not refuse to deliver the product to the driver of the application and thus obtain it without having paid for it.

The recommendations of the Cyber ​​Police are: Do not send items for sale until payment is ensured, do not accept mobile or check payments, do not share any verification code and report scams on the website http://reportefraude.ftc .gov, where they will be tracked.

The number 614-429-3300 in extension 10955 and the email [email protected] are also made available to the population for questions or complaints.


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