This is how the World Cup looks from a VIP box, for only 40 thousand pesos

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  • Qatar 2022 is the most expensive World Cup in history, thanks to its investment of more than 220 billion dollars.

  • A total of 2.9 million tickets were sold up to a month before the start of the sports fair.

  • Mexico is one of the countries that will add the most fans to the so-called “World Cup party”.

A journalist and influencers unveiled what the VIP box of the World Cup stadiums in Qatar is like, for which some fans paid between 1,500,000 and 2,000 euros (between 30 and 40,000 Mexican pesos).

One of the great strategies that has worked to position the Qatar 2022 brand are, without a doubt, the content creators and/or influencers.

And it is that, as is well known -and as has been mentioned on previous occasions-, in times of the so-called digitalization boom and, consequently, of digital marketing, the arrival of content creators and/or influencers It has been vital for the positioning of the brands in a context where people are more linked to the web and, of course, to social networks.

input, We are talking about a time when the number of Internet users is already counted at 4.9 billion users globallyof which more than 4.6 billion are attached to at least one social network.

In this context, of those almost five billion, just under two billion have focused on their content on TikTok, the Chinese social network that, during the pandemic, managed to consolidate itself in a highly competitive marketled by Mark Zuckerberg’s giant Facebook, as revealed by DataReportal.

From this perspective, also in times of the Soccer World Cup, the large presence of content creators and/or influencers it has been vital for the positioning of the brand in the digital spectrum, becoming the link between the World Cup itself and the fans who did not make the trip to the Middle East.

This is how the World Cup looks from a VIP box, for only 40 thousand pesos

One of the content creators that is attracting attention in the last few hours is actually a journalist named Adri Contreras, who shares some interesting facts about his visit to the Middle East.

In one of his most recent videos, said content creator shows what the interior of the VIP box is like, one of those put up for sale for Qatar 2022, for which, according to his account, some fans paid between 1,500 and 2,000. euros, that is, between 30 and 40 thousand Mexican pesos approximately.

According to what is shown in the images, those who accessed the VIP boxes were able to enjoy dishes such as lobsters, typical foods and select desserts, among others.


Response to @YoSoyIron They invited me to a VIP that is worth €1,500-2,000?? #FifaWorldCup

? original sound – Adri Contreras


My first VIP time at the World Cup in Qatar ???? #FifaWorldCup

? original sound – Adri Contreras

On the Mexican side, names like Luisito Comunica, Werevertumorro, El Escorpión Dorado, Juanpa Zurita, Paco de Miguel, among others, are some of those who have positioned themselves in the World Cup in Qatar.

A few days ago, the video in which these personalities are seen collecting the garbage they generated after the match between Mexico and Poland even went viral, a video that served for a large number of Internet users to launch all kinds of criticism.


Great Mexicans!

? original sound – JuanBertheau

“Candil in the street and darkness in your house”; “Everything is for content”; “We all know that it is for the content”; “For whatever reason, very good”; “Not everything is chaos, band”; “It looks good, here in Mexico they don’t do that”; “Okay, well, but they shouldn’t have recorded it”; are some of the comments that can be read.

Undoubtedly, reality dictates that content creators are a great tool for brands, and the FIFA World Cup has amply demonstrated this.

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