This is how Suga’s voice is heard in Spanish, it will surprise you

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Could you have imagined being able to hear the voice of Suga in the Spanish language? Well thanks to a video you can bless your ears with that wish

ARMY He has already had the opportunity to listen to Suga’s voice in Spanish from bts and they have definitely blessed your ears, because it sounds incredibly beautiful.

During their concerts in Latin America or when they have managed to talk with a fan, the members of bangtan they have said a couple of phrases in our language and many of us have been able to appreciate how they would be heard if they were even Mexicans.

The Spanish voice of Suga is undoubtedly captivating, her followers admit to loving her Korean accent when interpreting words in our language

For the ARMY, a latin collaboration or song in Spanish would be a dream come true, and it’s something they’ve been waiting for a long time with BTS.

The members so far have only mentioned words like mariachi in their song lyrics.

Thanks to the enormous popularity that the South Korean septet currently has in Latin America, It is possible that later they will collaborate with an artist from the region, as was the case with J Hope, who had the opportunity to collaborate with Becky Gbut the parts in Spanish were only sung by the young artist of Mexican origin