This is how much Karely Ruiz spends monthly

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  • In 2021, creators on OnlyFans made $3 billion in total revenue.

  • By 2022, 86 percent of youth are full-time content creators.

  • Currently, OnlyFans distributes an average profit of 200 million euros per month among its creators.

The world of content creators has been expanding, in Mexico it has gained more and more fame. In this case, we find the OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz, who has managed to capitalize a fortune with the content she sells on the adult platform and has recently gone viral for confessing what she spend monthly.

The 21-year-old influencer is part of the exclusive group of models from OnlyFans who generate millions from their content on OnlyFans, which launched in 2016, and records that it has paid out more than $3 billion in creator earnings.

It is estimated that Karely Ruiz charges 16 dollars (320 Mexican pesos) per month, for which she registers a fortune estimated at 2 million dollars, and that is growing month after month as the fame of the influencer.

This is how much Karely Ruiz spends monthly

Again, the name of the Mexican is in public opinion, and this time after revealing in the YouTube program, Keeping up with LA DIVAZA, how much is the estimate that she is spending monthly to cover her basic expenses and even luxuries.

In the program broadcast on said channel of the social network, The influencer highlighted that with all the money she generates on OnlyFans He has continued to invest, buying his house, his cars and giving himself a life that could not be given before.

In the same context, the model highlighted that she is currently spending 300,000 pesos on her monthly. “I spend too much on little things, I’m going to measure myself,” he said.

Likewise, the young woman mentions that her expenses go to clothes and that she is thinking of investing a large part of that money in traveling around the world.

“Right now I’m doing something in Monterrey and as long as I’m stable there and open my business, now if I start traveling,” he said.

Let us remember that in the month of December the influencers went viral for buying a Corvette for the amount of 150 thousand dollars, that is, about three million Mexican pesos.

But the influencer has also become popular for helping her most needy followers, like the one who gave her 10,000 pesos to finish paying her tuition.

She is not the first OnlyFans model to create a scandal for her exorbitant amount that she earns on the platform, well, let’s remember an American who it went viral after 900 million Mexican pesos and creating student scholarships for young people who need it.

And this is how the platform continues to generate something to talk about and more so in these times where content creators are the ones who lead a large number of industries.

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