This is how IU defended herself against BTS fans who attack her on social networks

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The renowned South Korean singer and actress UI has strongly defended itself against some ARMYS, official fandom of the group kpop bts, since the talented artist is the ideal girl and crush of Jungkook, one of the members of the group. This has brought her that some fans of her hate her, since they are jealous of her.

Since Jungkook, the golden maknae from bts, announced that IU is his crush and his ideal girl, some incredulous fans of the South Korean septet were jealous and have made some rude and unpleasant comments on the popular artist’s networks.

Recently, some members of the army they filled their official account of instagram with profanity and nasty emojis to attack them. Although of course, not all followers of bangtan They are capable of commenting with hate on the interpreter’s social networks, there are even many fans of bts who love UI and they would love for you to interact with Jungkook.

But even so, those who make or have made hateful comments to IU could be intercepted by the cyber police and pay for it.

For two years now, the agency in charge of IU, EDAM Entertainment, informed the public that they would begin to take legal action against people who make malicious or misleading comments against the renowned singer of K-Pop.

In fact, a while ago they sued a group of haters and won a lawsuit that made them win a huge sum of money. So now you must be careful and think twice if you plan to attack UI.

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