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DELHI, India.- It was in 2010 when the story of Aldi Rizal got media attention after it became known that the boy smoked 40 cigarettes a day.

The critics they rained against his mom because in several images the minor of only two years was seen holding the cigarette between his fingers.

Aldo was born in Indonesia and from an early age started stealing cigars from the Teluk Kemang village squarewhere his mother worked.

For this reason, the minor’s addiction was almost unstoppable.

I saw people smoke and it seemed delicious to me, it feels good to smoke,” Aldi told The Sydney Morning Herald in 2017.

His rampant consumption became a health riskas specialists reported in El Espectador that this situation could interfere with their brain development.

What happened and what does Aldi Rizal look like, a boy who smoked 40 cigarettes a day?

Four years after his case became known, when Aldi was 6 years old, it was learned that quit smoking with the help of Dr. Seto Mulyadia famous child psychologist.

Initially, Aldi replaced cigarettes with food, which brought him obesity problems.

His mother explained that after smoking, “he ate a lot every time he craved a cigarette“. It turned out that one of the measures they took to get the boy to stop smoking was to send him a lunch box full of food at school.

I ate three chicken thighs at one meal, three bowls of bakso (meatball soup) at a time, a can of condensed milk in the morning and another at night,” Diana Rizal told the Sydney Morning Herald.

However, again with the help of a specialist, he was assigned a diet based on fresh fish, fruits, vegetables and lean meats to lose weight.

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