This is how Ingrid Coronado looked when she was in “Tempranito”. PHOTOS

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Ingrid Coronado She is one of the most famous hosts on Mexican television.

Much of his fame arose from his time on TV Azteca’s star morning show, come joy, where Ingrid participated for 10 years.

Ingrid began her career as a host in Tempranito (1998), a broadcast in which she participated along with Anette Michel and Mark Thatcher. Aylin Mujica, Betty Monroe and Daniel Bisogno also participated in this broadcast.

Subsequently, Tempranito evolved and became Venga La Alegría, where Ingrid Coronado consolidated her presence and began to build a successful career as a host.

In November 2018, the beautiful former member of the group Garibaldi said goodbye to the TV Azteca morning show. After the departure of Ingrid Coronado from Venga La Alegría, many rumors circulated about it. One of the most frequent was that Ingrid would host Hoy, Televisa’s morning broadcast.

Years after leaving VLA, Ingrid told in her own voice what were the reasons why she gave up driving through her YouTube channel.

Currently ingrid Crowned He leads a radio program together with Tamara Vargas. Through her social networks, she shares images about how happy she is after leaving Venga la Alegría.

In addition, this year he published his first book called ‘Mujerón’, which is edited by Grijalbo. It is a motivational book aimed at women.

He has also given several lectures and motivational talks.

Controversies of Ingrid Coronado in 2022

Recently, during an interview with Yordi Rosado, Ingrid revealed new details of her breakup and divorce with Fernando del Solar, an Argentine driver who died this year.

After the death of her ex-husband, Ingrid Coronado has been involved in a series of controversies with the widow of the Argentine driver, Ana Ferro.

Also in this year a controversy arose with Charly aLópez, her ex-partner and father of her eldest son, Emiliano.

During an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Charly accused Coronado of being unfaithful with two men, a former América player and a TV Azteca sales executive.

The driver did not sit idly by and sued Charly López, for discriminatory acts and constitutive of gender violence.

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