This dress is super similar to a name-brand dress, but it’s only $30 on Amazon

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Omoone Floral low-cut dress with collar. (Photo: Amazon)

If there is something that I love, it is a good midi dress. No matter the season of the year, I can use it in winter, spring, summer or fall. However, I choose my midi dresses very carefully and generally stay within my monthly fashion budget.

the iconic Alba dress de Réalisation Par caught my eye for a while, but paying $250 was a bit expensive for me at the time. Despite this, the dress and its prints began to haunt my dreams. One day, my best friend sent me a message with a photo of her with the midi dress. But surprise! Actually, he was a model similar to that of Réalisation Par in Amazonit was so close to the original that I had to look at it twice.

Omoone Floral low-cut dress with square neckline and spaghetti straps.  (Photo: Amazon)

Omoone Floral low-cut dress with square neckline and spaghetti straps. (Photo: Amazon)

$35 at Amazon

You can guess what happened next. I immediately asked the link and I took out my credit card. I had to see if that cheap midi dress from Amazon was really as good as the model from Réalisation Par.

Spoiler alert: it is. I’m wearing it right now! With a sweater, obviously, because it’s still winter.

The dress Not only is it beautiful, but it also hugs the body perfectly while providing just the right degree of fluidity. The fitted waist, flared skirt and fitted bust and sleeves make it comfortable and ideal for all body types. Also, this dress it’s still a true midi even for the smallest women of 1.55 meters tall.

This dress I like it so much and have received so many compliments that I bought another two with different prints. Although the black bottom dress above is still my favourite, I use the other two quite a bit as well.

Omoone Floral dress.  (Photo: Amazon)

Omoone Floral dress. (Photo: Amazon)

$35 at Amazon

Whether I’m dressed for a date, running an errand in sneakers or lounging at home, I feel like an ethereal, sexy and empowered Italian sipping a cappuccino in Positano. Basically, she gives off immaculate vibes.

$35 at Amazon

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