This AI website transforms any photo into an anime character

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Artificial intelligence continues to give rise to fabulous creations and now we are talking about a new anime AI that transforms any of your photos so that you look like a character from a series.

It is not the first application or page that does it, but the truth is that the results are quite surprising.

According to this AI, this is what Checo Pérez would look like in an anime. Photo: generated with QQ小世界

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How to use QQ anime AI?

This website is developed by the Chinese company Tencent QQ, whose main product is an instant messaging service like WhatsApp.

However, it also offers other services like online gaming, music, movies, shopping, and more.

One of them is this artificial intelligence called “Different Dimension Me” which is like “My self from a different dimension” and in this case it would be from an anime.

To use it you do not need to download anything, just enough access the page h5.tu.qq to have access to this anime AI.

You can use it from your phone or on a computer. Only that from your cell phone you can also take a photo at the moment, while from the computer you can only select images that are already saved.

Now, don’t be scared because everything will appear in Chinese. However, the platform is quite intuitive.

In case you have any doubts: where you click on it on the first screen it says “I also want to play”and the second is “Select image”.

When you hit this, it immediately opens your gallery and the option to use the camera.

The anime ai recommends that upload portraits and that they are images that are well lit so that you have a better result.

And voila, after a few seconds you will see how you would look if you were an anime character.

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When you have your result, two buttons will appear at the bottom. The blue (left) is for save your imagewhile orange (right) is for create a video of your result.

Of course, it does not recreate the images you upload as is. In some tests we noticed a couple of things:

  • Tends to change hair from light to dark tones
  • Confuses elements such as caps/hats with a hairstyle or vice versa
  • Most of the time, women’s eyes turn them blue.

Photos: HBO Max and generated with QQ小世界

Anyway…have fun and spend some time transforming yourself and your friends into anime characters.

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