This $250-off Roomba vacuum dodges your pet poop so you don’t make a mess

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Have pets? This $250-off Roomba dodges poop to avoid making a mess. (Photo: Amazon)

Don’t you hate those appliances that apparently make your life easier but require annoying preparations? Like having to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, what the hell is that? Besides, what’s the point of buying a robot vacuum cleaner to clean the floor for you if you first have to clear the path by removing every cord, Lego piece, or pet poop? That’s it, the poop. We all do it and there is even a book completely dedicated to the subject, so that sometimes our beloved pets, either by accident or spite, also relieve themselves on the floor. If we don’t pick them up before vacuuming, or if we’re not around when our robot vacuum cleaner goes on its scheduled journey, we could come home to a fetid mess. Okay, the roomba j7 put those fears away and now you have a discount of 250 dollars.

iRobot®  Roomba j7 (7150) Wi-Fi®  - Identifies and avoids obstacles such as debris.  (Photo: Amazon)

iRobot® Roomba j7 (7150) Wi-Fi® – Identifies and avoids obstacles like debris. (Photo: Amazon)

$349 $600 at amazon

With the j7 you can literally have fun with the kids in the pool without worrying about finding a mess on the floor when you get home.

In addition to its power, edge-sweeping brush, 3-stage cleaning system, and easy programming, this Roomba uses iRobot Genius and Precision Vision Navigation technologies to avoid solid objects and even those that aren’t so solid, yuck! Yes, you should pick up that little “gift” your four-legged friend gave you when you get home, but you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up those long skid marks, not to mention the nasty work that goes into cleaning up the suction mechanism of the vacuum cleaner and empty its container so full of debris that it looks like a cesspool. That will make you want to evacuate… your home.

However, with the j7 Those worries are over. Take a look at this promise from the manufacturer: “Only iRobot offers you POOP (Pet Owner Commitment). You can trust that your j7 robot will be able to dodge your pet’s droppings. And if not, we’ll change it for free.” We have to confess that if they are trying to earn points for their good deeds, they have succeeded!

And we are not the only ones. A buyer wrote a glowing review titled “the best Roomba of the lot”. “She hasn’t had any trouble recognizing the obstacles she needs to avoid, so she keeps the POOP promise.”

But there are also hundreds of five star reviews praising the j7 for reasons that have nothing to do with fecal matter! What this buyer, who called it “magical… This is THE BEST! He is a workhorse and I can turn him on from my phone! I can ask you to clean one room or ten. I have it scheduled to clean just the kitchen floor every morning, so every day I wake up to a clean kitchen. It saves me back pain! I’m lovin ‘it”.

Some won't be able to resist the urge to praise this Roomba, though it mayá  others do not find the right words to thank him.  (Photo: Amazon)

Some won’t be able to resist the urge to praise this Roomba, while others may not find the right words to say thank you. (Photo: Amazon)

“We just adopted a search and rescue dog and he’s losing an amazing amount of hair,” he said. another delighted buyer. “The Roomba j7 comes to the rescue, we have one for our top floor and an older one on the main floor. If I could have bought two or three, I definitely would have! Roomba’s improvements in health, camera, light… It’s all worth it!”

With the j7 you can literally have fun with the kids in the pool without worrying about finding a mess on the floor when you get home.

$349 $599 at amazon

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