Thief tries to rob a man and ends up shot in Colombia: video

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Thief tries to rob a man and they end up shot: video
A man ended up shooting with a thief. Photo: Getty Images / Illustrative

On social networks, a video circulates in which a man shoots a thief who tried to steal his backpackWell, apparently, he brought with him a large sum of moneyas well as valuables.

A security camera captured the moment. in which two men talk, while waiting to get on an elevator. Subsequently, a subject enters the place, threat with a gun and takes the backpack from the man in blue, who apparently was an escort. The incident would have occurred in Colombia, just a few days ago.

The thief tries to escape with the backpack, although I did not expect the reaction of the man in bluewho pulls out a gun and shoot the thiefafter this also received a bullet.

The thief and the man end up shooting

The companion of the alleged escort run immediately to see what happenedWhile the thief falls to the ground after being hit by a bullet. Moments later, a woman comes out of one of the elevators and sees the thief lying on the floor.

The man in black, a friend of the alleged escort, return to the scene of the attack and he realizes that the thief is still immobileEven though later a local staff arriveswho rushes out to get help.

The subject in black talks on the phone, while the woman in the elevator doesn’t come out of thereSo he’s in shock. The identity of the thief and the alleged escort is unknown, just like the conclusion of the attackso it is not known if lived or died in the place.

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