They will protect the history of medicine in a museum

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A Museum of Medicine will be created in the facilities of the Casa del Médico, where the evolution of said profession in the state will be shown, informed the president of the College of Medical Surgeons, Guillermo Llamas Esperón.
The specialist commented that, within the framework of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the creation of said school, the construction project of said museum was presented, where a series of equipment, devices, books, photographs and other will be gathered. Historical data related to Medicine in Aguascalientes.
He explained that said museum will be built within the facilities of the Casa del Médico and the project is in the process of design and planning by a group of students and teachers of the Architecture career of the Autonomous University of Aguascalientes.
He indicated that they have projected that its construction will take approximately two years, although if the support of the authorities and the entire union is obtained, it will surely be inaugurated soon.
Similarly, he highlighted that the facilities of the Casa del Médico are currently used for scientific, academic, cultural and artistic events, thanks to the completion of the construction of the multipurpose auditorium with the support of Governor Martín Orozco Sandoval.
He pointed out that, throughout these 60 years of existence, the College of Medical Surgeons has been a consulting body of the State Government to support aspects of health and also serves to strengthen academic and scientific aspects of the guild; Today there is a collegiate group of 2,400 doctors and there are 42 medical societies and colleges of different specialties in the state. “The college serves as a work center related to health science that allows various aspects to be analyzed, participate in opinions, forums and in the work and tasks of the state’s medical community.”