They will present a report to the Owners Committee for the election of DT – David Medrano

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Rodrigo Ares de Parga and Jaime Ordiales they will have to inform the representatives of the Owners Committee who is in their opinion the best candidate for the National Team and the club owners will give it the go-ahead.

Until last night, Ares and Ordiales had not made the decision, since they intend to talk with Marcelo Bielsa, who at the time was already surveyed by the people of Grupo Pachuca. As reported, with Herrera and Almada they already talked; however, they have not yet made their recommendation to the owners who have the last word on the matter.


The agreement of the owners for the election of the coach is that those chosen by the Committee must take it and they cannot send representatives. It had been thought at some point that if the holders could not be present, they would send an envoy; however, due to the importance of the decision, it was agreed that Emilio Azcárraga, Alejandro Irarragori, Jorgealberto Hank, Ernesto Tinajero and Amaury Vergara must be present to talk with the one suggested by Ares de Parga and Ordiales.


One of Ares de Parga’s projects is to return Juan Carlos Ortega to the structure, who for many years was coordinator of the Minor Teams and during that management the Sub 17 World Cup was achieved with Potro Gutiérrez as coach and third place in the Sub World Cup. 20 in Colombia with Juan Carlos Chávez at the helm.

Ortega worked for a long time with the Los Angeles Galaxy and recently returned to Tigres. Ares has already spoken with Ortega Orozco to find out if he is interested in the position.



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