they will not disappear altogether, but there will be “a transition phase”

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The undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatellreported this Tuesday that the federal government will seek the cancellation of clinics that depend on pharmacies.

“There will be a transition phase, today the offices cover a need, but in a very precarious way for doctors and patients, but we cannot cancel them outright,” he said.

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The official assured, during the president’s press conference Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthat these clinics represent a great deception for the population, since they do not solve major health problems.

“Perhaps they solve a little flu, a headache, diarrhea, a very short-term health problem that affects a mainly healthy population. But someone who has diabetes, or hypertension, or lung disease or chronic heart disease, like a large part of the Mexican population, these clinics are not going to solve them, they could even endanger their health or their life, ”he explained.

In accordance with Gatellfor these chains that have adjacent clinics, “the important thing is that they come out with prescriptions with many medications, the vast majority not indicated.”

Regarding the staff that attends these clinics, the undersecretary assured that they are doctors who recently graduated and work under pressure.

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“In reality it is a great deception, the offices adjacent to the pharmacy do not solve major health problems. A quarter of the consultations that occurred in 2012 and a third now, with Covid, occurred in offices adjacent to a pharmacy,” he pointed out. Gatell.

Lastly, he explained that the clinics dependents of pharmacies are part of a project to “dismantle the public” because health is a “very lucrative company in the world.”

The official also said that due to the above, the issue of regulation in the country is very important. “With the dismantling that took place, there is no supply of doctors or health facilities, that is why we are recovering,” he added..