They will modify the packaging of some products due to the death of Elizabeth II

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During this process of changes that are occurring within the UK due to the death of the rQueen Elizabeth IIhave been changing many things that implied the image of the queen, such is the case of some products that will have to change their packagingas they make use of the royal coat of arms on their products.

This permission was bestowed upon said brands by the queen herselfwhich after his death is invalidated.

Who processes these permits?

The warrants are issued by the Royal Warrant Holder Association (RWHA), this on the condition that these companies provide their services and products to royalty.

This seal that is granted to them is called Royale Warrantyand it serves the brands to acquire greater prestige in the market, since they have the endorsement of the highest royal authority, although this authorization can also be made by a person to whom the power of attorney is given; in the case of Queen Elizabeth II, the now King Charles III also had the power to do so.

What brands are affected?

are around 800 brands to which the RWHA confirmed the cancellation of these permitsand if they want to renew them, they will have to request them from the new king, with the warning that it may take time for them to be granted, since by royal rule, 30 permits are issued per year.

Affected companies include Coca-Cola, Heinz, Martini Dubonnet, Premier Foods, Gordon’s, Jhonnie Wlaker, Twinings and others.

Photo: Royal coat of arms on Jonnie Walker’s bottle (Special)

The marks must show that their products and services are used in the royal house, or serve its members, in addition to be responsible with the environment for the Royal Warrant to be renewed.

It is expected that the rHey Carlos gave power to his son, Prince William or his wife Camilathe queen consort, so that they also give these authorizations to the companies that request them.