They will leave you wanting!: 3 less fiery zodiac signs that will not be able to please you

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The Zodiac signs they have different personalities and ways of reacting to situations or emotions. The sentimental and sensory part is often governed by the influence of the stars and planets that affect our sign. The astrology also study the sexuality in couple relationships and tells you which ones to avoid at all costs.

Whether in marriage or courtship, sometimes you can face the lack of desire from your partner or the absence of sexual intimacy. According to astrology, according to the Zodiac sign under which they were born, it is probable that with the passage of time they will become less fiery in bed.

And it is that, they may not have as much sex drive like before and you can feel that the passion is dying. And, although you can seduce your partner and find a balance between intimacy, work and free time, you can also take into account who are the men who will not be as eager as before.

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The 3 zodiac signs you should avoid in bed

Although the men of this zodiac sign usually has a lot of passionThey don’t have much of a sexual appetite. They are affected by the Moon, so they are vulnerable to mood swings and may leave you unsatisfied. In addition, they tend to be more sensitive, so life as a couple can affect him, since children, lack of money, family or arguments can leave him without desire.

Libra men tend to give more importance to sentimental issues in a relationship, so carnal desire and sexuality are not their strong point. Of course, you will not lack protection and will give you everything you ask for, such as gifts, affection, material things, but at the end of the day you will not really want to sleep together, so you must learn to balance your time as a couple from work or school.

Finally, the zodiac sign of Gemini is the one with the least desire at the time of intimacy with your partner. This type of man usually seeks a more emotional bond with his partner, yes, he is a perfect husband, but he will not have so much debauchery in bed, his love language may be less physical and that could make you feel Unwanted. Also, he is ruled by the planet Mercury, so he prefers communication over physical contact.


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